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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

Shotty controls but...

good concept. work on it a bit more.


Not the best. The game was generally WAAAAAAAAAAY too short and I wish you had a health bar because it was annoying dying after one hit and losing all your powerups every 6 seconds. Also I guess you could say it lacked variety because it got boring just shooting stuff. The boss didn't make it any more fun because they were all way too easy to defeat. All I did was follow them and hold special. Too easy. Overall it's a good concept but it needs some adjusting and improving.

Btw: This is a very generic fly around get powerups and destroy ships game. Try to add something that will make it stand out because this is the type of game that it feels like I've played 100s of times before.

So so

So so game. Not so good. I played in hard mode but it got very repetitive.

I mean bullets come at you from everywhere and the plane lacks the fire power (even with the upgrades) to take down enemies easily. The bullets are fast -- faster than in other similar games where you can easily dodge them and take out the enemies.

So in order to survive, there is only one option and that is -- fire until you have one enemy down (and pray while you are firing that you will make it in time, the firepower is that weak) and then jump over the remaining enemies' heads and get to the other side. My gripe with this was that I had to do this until I got to the Boss and there was no other variation. It was either do this or get killed and I am not getting killed in any game.

Also the Boss is pretty tough but I am sure I can take it out but I don't have the time today -- maybe next time.

It's ok but too short

I like it but only 3 bosses? and that super move kills em no problem so im giving this a 4 for effort

Didn't like it.

It wasn't fun. It was boring and similar to many other games. I don't know why but it seemed very boring.