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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

pretty good

Not too bad. A good time killer.

pretty nice

pretty godd but the craphics were lackng but how did you know about all thes planes like the one with the wings pointing forward that thing supposed to be secrect it doesnt even exist yet

Highly addictive

the gameplay is a little hard but it makes you want to come back for more.

Here's a hint for people

Save your Specials for Bosses then rain hell down on them!!!

good mindless fun

good game, maybe you were lazy/whatever, but you put out a top game where others who put in heaps of effort fail.

Maybe that's the trick, real simple.

I like the planes, the black edges, the whole look of it and the cheesey backgrounds especially the tropical beach. The bosses are cool, the 2nd one is bizarre. And you have all the right buttons to click, on/off sound etc...

only tiny problem was sometimes the plane got stuck/lagged a little bit if you were on the back of the screen, but that's my punishment for being soft and not going into the heat.

Kool game, i have been looking for a simple plane shooter for ages and this one fitted all the points just like those old skool arcade games.

10/10 for not going silly/over the top onnit, and keeping it simple with nice pictures.