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Reviews for "AeroChaos"

Boring Jet Fighter Shooting game

Its too boring. I got tired of the same old SHIT. It needs better weapons upgrades, a bigger range of enemies, and Id rather use keyboard to control the plane. Mouse=Crappy control. I hate that the mouse doesnt control it when its outside of the game area. Many other NG games will still control it even when the mouse it out of the game screen threshold; but alas, this one disapoints.

Kina Boring.....

The Graphics are kina plain and dont have any outstanding features,the animations are not much different and are in fact very simple. The sound effects are few,reppetive,and corny which i cant say really appreciate,not much for violence either you dont get the satisfaction when killing or destorying somthing graphics or sound can improve that, not much to do but....blow up planes what else? Just about everything in the is game needs much more improving, this game is far from the best and needs more effort put into...


nice work, for 3rd submission.

fine shooter

nice graphics, good handling
seems really well thought, but I find the enemys, especially the bosses way to hard for just moving with the mouse.


this game is jus too simple...!!!:O(