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Siege Defender

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Author Comments

This is kind of like a mix between pong and defense. There are in-game instructions. And there is no sound, sorry.

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Could use work

The concept for the game is pretty good with the ball/paddle mechanics, but as others have said you need to add a pause in between waves, and maybe you could be more creative with the upgrades, also you need to show or indicate the archers are doing anything. Graphics could be better as well.

its a good game

its all about speed, all of u saying it needs a pause button and time between waves ur trying to kill the fun, what ur supposed to do is use the time the ball isnt nearby to upgrade, ho i agree about the archers u should see the arrows. also make the paddle the only threat was the mages and the ball, paddle to strong. also sound would be nice

Excellent Gameplay, needs some vanity upgrades.

Overall I give it a 9/10, very original, fast paced, though it got repetitive after about wave 15... I had like 144 archers and a level 23 wizard tower but the enemies weren't changing at all.. It also would be more fun if we could see the arrows and if there was sound, but it was an excellent game over all. Well done.

Sensory overload

More of a combination between Arkanoid and Galaga, but I get the point.

The basics: You need a pause button, as others have said, and a break between waves where you can buy upgrades.

Other than that, there's just WAY too much going on, and not nearly enough information. Considering you have to watch the screen constantly for the incoming ball and enemies, it took me a while to figure out all my money was going to archers. There's absolutely no indication that they cost money after building the barracks. Plus, there's no indication that your archers are DOING anything, except once in a while an enemy bloops out.

Also, guiding the paddle, click-killing enemies, and buying upgrades was just WAY too much to be tied to the mouse. You're constantly trying to do 3 things at once, and when things really start heating up it's impossible to do all (or any) of them efficiently.

This game gets high marks for ambition. It's a good concept and really addictive, but after a while it just gets frustrating, and has an extreme chance of inciting a nervous breakdown.

Also, on a personal note, is there some law somewhere that says all castle defense games must include archers, wizards, repairs, wall upgrades, and that's it? Where's the innovation? I've played a few Castle Attack games where the castle has a weapon that drops oil/water/cannonballs on frontline attackers, but never played a defense game with the same upgrade. Just one of my pet peeves. No formula is perfect, you can always do something to improve a game. This one made a step in the right direction with the ball/paddle concept, but it wasn't implemented as well as it could have been.

Not a bad game, but it could have been much better.

good game

you etheir need apause button or afterf you kill evryone a menu comes up where you can buy upgrades or something. overall good game

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2005
3:34 PM EST