Hi, people of newgrounds!

I have to announce that I'm open for commissions!

If you want some art, don't hesitate, contact me via pm here, or on twitter!

I can do:

Digital-art: Shaded 50€, Colored 20€ or Lineart 10€. (No backgrounds)

Pixel Art: Shaded 25€ or Colored 15€ (No Backgrounds)

Sprites: Animated 20€ or Static 10€ character (aproximate price can be discussed with compexity).

Assets: Objects up to 64px 10€, Objects Bigger 20€, Interfaces (design and drawing) 30€, Tileset 25€.

I do NSFW art too, no problem with almost any type (we can discuss).

I accept paypal only.


Hello, I am a graphic illustrator who is available to make pixel illustrations for $15 each. You can contact me with your request and character/subject references through PM here on Newgrounds. If you'd prefer, you can reach out to my email schreckengast.commission@gmail.com I am also on Discord at Schreck#3102.

  • I only accept PayPal USD. Payment is up front and work will not begin until payment has been received.
  • I am flexible to do almost anything but I reserve the right to deny a request if the subject matter is too nsfw or outright unacceptable/illegal. I will not do copyrighted characters, as it is a very grey area and I have insufficient evidence that it is legal.
  • Completed work will be uploaded.

I currently have a job that I work Mondays-Thursdays. There might be a sluggish period doing the work between these days, but I will get it done asap.

My past work: