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Hi everyone!

Firstly I want to thank you for liking and following my work!

I will also like to thank Changer for providing me the opportunity to work on some of his projects

I will continue to post work here (until this gallery is caught up to my latest work at least)

However, just wanna put it out there that I am also accepting commissions!

I have not really worked out a standard plan for it though but you can be assured of my customer service and my quality! Do drop me a message if you are interested in commissioning me to create some art and looking forward to hearing from you!


Check out my art commission info here: https://sykografix.tumblr.com/art


These prices are not set in stone and I am flexible to work something out depending on what you're looking for. You can always point to something I've already done and tell me to do something like that.

I prefer not to draw things based on fan fiction, etc, but I won't say no outright. It will cost extra, of course.

If you are interested in something that isn't on the list of options, then let me know how much you are looking to pay for the art and I'm sure we can work it out.

Get in touch with me here: https://www.sykografix.com/contact/contact-index.html

Or just send me a private message here on Newgrounds. Be patient though!

Watch my streams and follow to be notified whenever I go live here: www.twitch.tv/ninjatron

Check out my Twitter to keep up with what else is going on. twitter.com/SykoGrafix

Follow my Tumblr for sketches, work in progress pics, toys, and other stuff. sykografix.tumblr.com/

Follow me on Instagram because it's good and stuff. www.instagram.com/sykografix/

I hate Facebook but you can follow me there too I guess. www.facebook.com/SykoGrafix/