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Hey everyone! Seeing as newgrounds has added the "open for commissions" feature I figured id let you all know im down to make custom music for cheap prices :D.

(Average $25 - $75/song)

Im mainly known for my EDM music as F-777 but iv been composing for games and such for the past 8 years. I have not hit a genre I couldn't do so I am not limited to just my "F-777 style". Let me know if you need music and shoot me a message :).

(Ill update this post later w some F-777 and non-F-777 commissions I have done in the past).


I am going to try and devote more time to making music but that means I have to take more time away from college, work, and family. In order to do that I have to supplement my income some how...

Enter Patreon. Come check it out if you like! 

Thanks for everything throughout these years. It means the world...









Full Time artist now, taking commissions of all shapes and sizes. 

You can send me commission details/requests via this site however I personally recommend Discord as its image sharing and the ability to pin everything makes the process far easier than any website to my knowledge.

I'm also almost always online with Discord at SignHerePlease#8427

Payment is typically through Paypal and I will need your email to send you an Invoice.

I won't take a year but there will a wait due to my process taking so long to draw and paint, though I promise it'll be worth the wait <3

I look forward to working with all of you.

Additional Information:

I'm fine with drawing



Not safe for work

Safe for Work

Reference Sheets


I will also not draw


Inflation [Expansion can be discussed]

Any characters that make uncomfortable

If you've any questions feel free to comment below or DM me anywhere~



, here are some commission info for yall:

When commissions are open I'll be accepting up to

20 requests

at a time.

If you're interested in commissioning, e-mail me at


with COMMISSION as a subject with your request and references. If I decide to take your request I'll e-mail you back with a confirmation, including my personal Discord. If you already have me on Discord contact me directly instead of sending an e-mail.




Single character: 40 USD

(+25 per each extra character)

Backgrounds starting from +10



Single character: 25 USD

(+15 per each extra character)

Backgrounds starting from +10

I draw both SFW and NSFW

Will not draw


  • Furries (can be discussed)
  • MLP
  • Mecha
  • Vehicles
  • Vore
  • Sexualized gore
  • Real people or OCs based on real people
  • Any fetish I find too extreme, please ask! :D


  • Payments are done via
  • PAYPAL invoice only
  • ;

  • After the request is accepted I'll draw a rough sketch and send you via Discord (or e-mail if you don't have a Discord), any changes that you see fit shall be made during this phase. After the sketch is approved I'll be sending a PAYPAL invoice to your e-mail and only after payment is done I'll proceed with inking and colouring.
  • No design changes will be made during or after inking/colouring process
  • , but colour adjustments can still be requested;

  • No refunds unless I'm unable to complete your request;

  • The finished piece will be posted both on my Newgrounds gallery and Twitter unless asked to be kept private.


Thanks a lot for your support!


356591249_open.jpgemail address:  andavadoc3@gmail.com

Payment is required to confirm a commission spot. Once your commission is approved I will let you know and then you can send payment. All payment is upfront on the part of the commissioner. I WILL INVOICE YOU.


Open Every Monday!


356591343_tumblr_inline_pfxlpp6pjg1rzm7iy_540.png$60 Color Sketched character, simple background

+$40 for every additional character or the inclusion of sketchy Background (Plus paypal fees)


$100 Full Color of a full body character, clean line work, gradient/one color background

+$70 for every additional character or the inclusion of detailed Background (Plus paypal fees)



10 commission slots opening on Monday, December 9th 2019 @ 3pm(PST)

Read everything in the GOOGLE DOCUMENT carefully before sending an email. Any emails received prematurely will be declined. Any emails received after slots fill up will also be declined. Email the completely filled out commission form to my email when it’s time to submit.

Slots will be claimed by first come first serve.

Check commission slot availability here.


Hello amigos! I spent the last FOUR YEARS stepping up my art game and now I'm opening up for COMMISSIONS! For details and price list on my services, CLICK HERE

Here's a few samples on NEWGROUNDS!




If you don't want a commission but want to support my crazy cartoons, you can check out my Patreon for some SKETCHBOOKS and other rewards!


In the meantime, I'll be making some cartoons and you can watch me animate on TWITCH!

Thanks for checking out the post! :D



The new year is here. Can you believe that? That being said, my art might be a bit lacking here on Newgrounds for a while.

The reason is....my comic Gwendy & Ghost. I REALLY want to put as much work into it as I possibly can. I haven't lately because I've been feeling like I've been needing to fill an "art quota" like I feel like I need to produce 1-2 art pieces a day to feel progressive....but I am realizing that I've been feeling a lot of progress and motivation while working on Gwendy & Ghost.

Gwendy & Ghost has been a story that I have been writing on and off since 2010, and now, thanks to how amazing my supporters have been, I am finally able to start working on the comic, which takes A LOT of time & effort. Constantly juggling my comic, individual illustrations, NSFW art, and commissions, and even my newfound modeling hobby has almost caused me to burn out. I want to stop overwhelming myself with art work before I really ruin my motivation.

My comic is like my child. My pride and joy, and I have been feeling like I've neglected it. I feel like I can accomplish so much more if I start focusing on my comic full time. I could even get a handful of chapters done in 1 year, and the thought of that excites me deeply.

For those who still want to stick around for a while and support me while I'm on this comic journey, I am forever in debt to you & I hope to make my story & my future artworks the best they can possibly be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all understand this change. It is only temporary, but for now I want to pour my heart and soul into my comic. 

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support and I hope we can all have a fantastic 2017! 

If you would like to read and follow along with my comic, you can find it here:




TL;DR: I use a big dumb queue. All of my commissions are drawn on stream. I charge by the hour. I use a script to find which currently-watching viewer has the oldest submission in the queue, and do their commission.

10/15/2019 UPDATE: pricing has changed.

General Commission Info

Commissioned images are for non-commercial use only. I reserve the right to post the images in my own galleries and use them as portfolio samples to advertise my own work.

You may post and share these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way. 

Please provide reference for any given character. Proper reference sheets work best, but anything is better than nothing. References are less mandatory for stream commissions - complete references aren’t particularly important if I can ask questions and get answers without delay.

I reserve the right to decline commissions. I might be busy, I might be having a bad day, or you might want me to draw a fetish that I’m not cool with, but them’s the breaks.

On that topic, I feel like what I do and do not draw should be fairly apparent from the gigantic pile of art I’ve shat onto the internet over the years, but there’s now The List of Things that Limebreaker Will Not Draw.

Stream Commissions

I stream every Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday over at https://picarto.tv/LimeBreaker at 8pm PST. If you follow me there you’ll get email alerts when I go live. 

To get a stream commission, go fill out my Stream Commission Form to get an entry on the Stream Commission List. When I go to do a stream commission, I use a script to find which currently-watching viewer has the oldest submission in the queue that I want to do / have time to do. Note that your Picarto Username must exactly match what is entered on the form for the script to work.

When you get a commission, your entry is removed from the list, and you can add another to the bottom of the pile.

Stream commissions are priced at an hourly rate of 16 USD per hour. Each hour past the third hour is charged at 1.5 times the base rate. Each hour past five hours is double the base rate.

Payment occurs via paypal invoice when the drawing is completed.

Edits and alternate versions of drawings can be requested at almost any time during the commission - they cost however long they take to draw. It is best to mention alts at the beginning of the commission if possible, though - some edits are a lot easier to make if I can plan for them.

Commissioners should aim to be present and relatively attentive for the entirety of the time I am working on their commission - I will have questions and you probably do not want me sitting around waiting for an answer while I am charging by the hour.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to message me on FA, shoot me an email at limebreaker[at]gmail.com , or shoot me a note here on Newgrounds.

The List of Things that Limebreaker Will Not Draw

It’s finally here. Please don’t make me add more things to this list. I’d be quite happy to forget that this list even has to exist.

Under-aged Characters (duh)

Traps (yes, flat futas count as traps)

Yaoi/MxM action

Muscle Girls

Lewd Solo Dudes





Sexualized Gore (Guro is no-go, but a beat-up adventurer after a fight is ok)

Hyper Muscle/Fat

Inflation (Cumflation is fine)

Beastiality (lewd centaurs count)






You can see my comission chart here, it has some reasonable prices :)



*** I'm OPEN for commissions! If you want me to draw you something, send me a note! ***


  •  Black and White Art 

        -$15+ Traditional or Digital drawings with minimal shading. 

  •  Color Digital Art

         -$25+ Simple w/ no backgrounds. 

         -$45+ Larger and more complex pieces.

  •  I also do acrylic paintings, note me for prices on those.

 I accept Paypal only.



Some art and commission examples:









I've started signing up for conventions for 2019 already. With that being said, I'll be making commissions to pay for those cons. If you're interested in getting something done, please PM me and we can talk. I can do either pen and ink with watercolor or a digial file. Your choice!


Water Color Commission - 9x12 


Digital Commission - 12x12 

Price Break down as of 12-13-2018:

These prices are per character.

$25 - Head/Bus

$50 - Full Body

$75 -Full body with full color





I charge approximately 25-50$ per minute of animation.

(with my limitations)

i really need money, help me.

PM me or send a email for yoshiboshi_puiz@hotmail.com



Please contact me here on new grounds OR my email (i check emails often) if you guys are interested <3

my email- martinezla03@gmail.com

commission prices are as follows-


■ lines-$15

■ lines and flats-$20

  • these next categories are 'per one character' additional characters are $15

■simple cel-shade with simple back ground included-$25

■ regular detail commission and simple background included-$35

■ mature content commission with simple back ground-$45


·for comics its per page 5-6 panels a page

■ black and white comic page-$65

■ colored and simple detailed comic page-$75

■ DETAILED comic page-$90




Sketch NSFW : $25

[Extra Character: $15 - $18 aprox. depending on the complexity of the drawing]

Lineart Flat Color NSFW : $55

[Extra Character: $35 - $40 aprox. depending on the complexity of the drawing]

Full Color NSFW : $70

[Extra Character: $50 - $55 aprox. depending on the complexity of the drawing]

Send me a "Private Message" or Contact me at matocommissions@gmail.com


- Pokémon

- Pony - MLP

- Digimon

- Yo-Kai Watch

- The Legend of Zelda

- Sonic Characters

- Hyper Breasts

- Undertale

- Impregnation

- Futanari (Dick Girl)

- Femboy

- Pregnant

- Fart (PRIVATE)

- Scat (PRIVATE)

- Shemale

- Cumflation

- Inflation

- And More...


- Guro

- Yaoi

- Mecha

- Vore

If there’s one in particular I didn’t mention, or you have any doubts, send me an email or an Note! 

- The method of payment will be Invoice

- I need clear references for the commissions (I won’t take commissions based on text descriptions).

- Any Pose Reference. The more, the better! This Helps me grasp the idea better~ 

- If you want a commission to be private just tell me~

- Don’t send any payment until I agree on working on it.

- Price may change depending on the complexity of the drawing.

- The pricing will be settled before I get started with it.

- Payment is upfront.

- I have the right to decline a request for whatever reason (don’t take this as a personal offense or something).

Terms of use:

- After we agreed on working on the commission, I’ll send a first draft to confirm the pose and such. After that I’ll only accept 2 revisions, so take your time to give your feedback please. Further corrections after those will be charged.

- I have the right to post or not the drawing on my site or include in my portfolio.

- You can print and use the drawing for personal use, but you are not allowed to use it to make profit.


- To contact me you can do it via mail at matocommissions[at]gmail.com . Once I accept the commission I’ll give you the email to send the payment and I’ll get started as soon as possible. I think Invoice is an easier method.

If you liked my art, I would really appreciate it support me on PATREON

That would help me greatly~ ɷ◡ɷ




I'm opening general commission again to anyone interested in getting a top quality sexy full color HD drawing from yours truly!

All the info you have to know listed below

Commission Information:

I'm offering my skills as an artist to ilustrate your idea for an erotic hentai drawing in full color HD with top quality work featuring up to 2 characters of your choice doing, well, wathever you want them to do!

Characters will be in full body and can be commercial characters from videogames, animes, animated movies, comics or cartoons, they can be your own OCs or fursona/personaor they can even be my own Original Characters, all available!

As for the theme of the pic, well, it's an erotic image and it can be all from soft-core to extreme hard-core. All from Pin-ups, masturbation, lesbian, tribadism, anal, blowjobs, full-nelson, furry, futanari, bondage, blowjob, pregnancy, sadomasochism, lolicon, impregnation, bukkake, titjob, traps/femboys, rape, sex toys, shortstacks, BBW, torture, body modification, amputee, slave training, bestiality, shotacon, cum inflated, etc, etc... you can ask in case you have any doubt.


Just to be clear, there are a few thinsg I won't do:

  • Scat/watersports or human toilets (just... NO!).
  • Gore or snuff/killing. (I like gore but not in an erotic context).
  • Feet Fetiches (not really my thing :/).
  • Artwork based on religious images (I like to be respectful in that regard)
  • Artwork based on politics (I really don't need/want the drama XD)
  • Gay/Bara artwork or futas on males.*
  • Artwork featuring or being interpreted as Racist.
  • Any artwork featuring real-life people depictions (either if it's a famous actress or your girlfriend or even yourself)
  • Also, I won't copy or duplicate the "art style" of anyone else nor will I finish or edit an already existing image done or partially done by som,ebody else.

  • *Just to be clear, I don't do male on male artwork BUT I'll do male on futa & also pics featuring femboys/traps. ;)

Also, I reserve myself the right to turn down any commission I don't feel like working.

Price & Payments:

Any picture in full color and featuring up to 2 full body characters is priced at $50.00

If you would like to add a 3rd or more characters, every additional character adds $20.00 to the base price of $50.00

  • Removing a character or having the characters not shown in full body doesn't reduce the price.
  • Not working scketches, or just linearts at the moment.
  • Comic commissions are not available at the moment.

Payment must be UPFRONT and trough PAYPAL ONLY.


If you're interested in getting a commission, please send me a private message with the information of your commission, from there we'll discuss the rest of the details. Please, DO NOT send any money until your commission has been approved.

I'll be limited to working 3 commissions at a time, if you see all my ongoing commission currently 'USED' please come back later.

Ongoing Commissions:


I am almost always closed for public commissions, however there are other ways you can get art from me. For free too.

You can find all the info (my prices for public commissions included) here: https://goo.gl/KzPNd7



Fill out the commission form HERE!



Prices (USD)


B/W / Monochrome - Single Character $20, Additional Characters $10

Full Color - Single Character $45, Additional Characters $20Comic (Color Only) - $70 for the first 2 panels, Additional Panels $10 each

  • Detailed Backgrounds are an additional $10
  • Variants are an additional $5 (or more, depending on complexity)
  • Private Commissions are an additional $10




Things I won’t draw

  • Underage characters (aged up is fine)
  • Extreme Violence/Gore
  • Watersports,Scat, anything involving bodily waste
  • NTR/Cheating
  • Vore
  • Generally Offensive Content (Blatant Racism/Sexism/etc.)

      If you’re still not sure what I will/won’t draw, feel free to ask!


Payment/Commission Process


  1. Fill out the Google Form
  2. Payment will be done upfront via Paypal Invoice. 
  3. (Work will begin when the payment is received)
  4. Rough sketch will be sent and revisions will be made (within reason).
  5. Finished picture will be sent in highest resolution .png (.clip/.psd will be provided on request).


Terms of Service


  • I retain the right to deny or cancel a commission. (A full refund will be provided.)

  • Unless the commission is private, I retain the right to upload any created content on my galleries.

  • All commissioned works are for personal use only.

(You may upload these works on sites and galleries, but you have to provide credit and links.)

  • By commissioning me, you agree to be at least 18 years of age or older and have read and accept the Terms of Service.

"Quick Commissions open every sunday. I take 5 slots a week. Meaning if you get to me asap you can have a commission done withing 1-5 days.

Contact me through discord. (You need to send a Friend Request first) Somescrub#7012"


Hello everyone!

I'd like to announce that I'm opening commissions for new audio! I specialize in 8-bit and 16-bit music, with some other electronica mixed in. Lately, I've also been working with orchestrated music, making some original tracks and covers, as well. I have a history of making several YouTube channel intros including The Completionist, various flash and mobile game BGM, and countless covers of classic VGM tracks in a variety of styles.

You can find all the information about commissions from my website, which you can view by CLICKING HERE.

To view my work, hop over to my Bandcamp to listen to all my major releases, or my Newgrounds Audio to see some releases that haven't made it to Bandcamp yet.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. I'm flexible with rates and willing to accommodate your project's needs and any particular concerns. Best wishes, and I look forward to working with you!



Erich (EliteFerrex)

Legacy Redux by EliteFerrex

Classical Classics by EliteFerrex



Bringing this back after I've updated a few things.



For commissions or other work enquiries, please contact me at: dbmisadventure@gmail.com


Hey there, my ALIAS is DotExecutables. I'm an beginning voice actor/animator/free lance artist looking to finally get into the Voice Acting industry.

I have a ZINGYOU BM-800 condenser microphone with Phantom Power and looking to work with as many animators as I possibly can to build a portfolio. Unfortunately, I don't have a demo reel quite yet so I'm looking to build community as much as possible.

If you're interested, please send me a PM with a Discord username and I will get to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again if you find yourself interested.

For reference here is my set-up. I've been doing VA work for years but now have a decent set-up for clear and crisp audio quality as well as experience in sound design.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hi slight update to my commission info, Have a nice day!

Please fill out this form if you wish to commission me

Email me if you have any question at joeydraw4me@gmail.com 

Thank you for commissioning me <3

General Commission Info:

Commissioned images are for non-commercial use only. I reserve the right to post the images in my own galleries and use them as portfolio samples to advertise my own work.

You may post and share these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way. 

Please provide reference for any given character. Proper reference sheets work best, but anything is better than nothing. References are less mandatory for stream commissions - complete references aren’t particularly important if I can ask questions and get answers without delay.

I reserve the right to decline commissions. I might be busy, I might be having a bad day, or you might want me to draw a fetish that I’m not comfortable with drawing. 

For a list of things I will and will not draw click -here-

Stream commission info:

I stream randomly but mostly on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday and usually with others. Ill do a warm up drawing that will usually be done in 3 hours or so (depends on how much i hate myself that day). After that I will go down the google spreadsheets doc to see all applicants that filled the form and do the one at the top of the list that is in the chat. If you are selected Ill ask if there is any changes to the commission prompt than proceed to start the clock on the stream to begin the commission till it is done.

If the times I stream are not good for you please get in contact with me and Ill stream at times youd like.

Stream commissions are priced at a base of 5 USD plus an hourly rate of 12 USD per hour. So a 1 hour stream comm would cost 17 USD, 2 hours would be 29 USD, 3 would be 41 USD, etc.

Payment occurs via paypal invoice when the drawing is completed.

Regular Commission prices:

All listed prices are base prices for one character with a simple background, and may be increased or decreased on account of intricate character design, multiple characters, complex backgrounds, or anything that I feel will take significantly more or less time than usual. There is no additional cost for NSFW content. The final price will be negotiated when working out the details of the commission. 

There is no extra charge for using my ocs, but I hold the right to decline their use as I deem it.

Payment will occur after the pose, details, and final price have been worked out and once I give a draft that you agree to your liking.

All payment must be made through paypal, and all prices are listed in USD.

Examples can be found here:



If you were ever curious about getting a commission here are my prices!

Submit this form to get in the queue!


Outside of Patreon I typically only take sketch commissions unless I post otherwise (this way I can focus on my comic art and polls on Patreon)


Last Update:

January 16th, 2021


Current Slots:

  1. Colour Sketch 1 Character
  2. Colour Sketch 1 Character w / BG
  3. Colour Sketch 4 Characters
  4. Full Colour 1 Character w/ BG
  5. Colour Sketch 2 Characters w/ BG
  6. Full Colour 1 Character
  7. Full Colour 1 Character
  8. Colour Sketch 2 Characters
  9. Colour Sketch 2 Characters
  10. Colour Sketch 3 Characters

(Note: All prices listed in USD)

(Sketch and Colour Sketch are Low Resolution, while Full Colour is in High Resolution)

 How to Order:

 Please send an e-mail to- radlionheart@gmail.com

Please add a subject line that lets me know it’s a commission

Let me know what type of commission you’re looking at

Fill in any details about the commission, please be sure to be clear in details

Leave any comments or questions you have in the e-mail as well

When the commission is accepted I’ll send an invoice via PayPal

After this invoice has been filled, I’ll start with a sketch for approval of details


 When it’s been accepted and I begin work, I will send reply e-mails showing progress (Assuming a purchase above the sketch stage) of the sketch, lines, and finally when it’s finished.

 Do not be hesitant to point out anything that you wish to be changed at the earliest stages possible, mistakes being corrected early is always for the best.

 How long I take may vary depending on how many commissions I have on my plate at the moment, or the time I have available to me to dedicate to working on art. But I will get it done as soon as I can, but don’t be afraid to check in on the progress with a quick e-mail.

 Don’t List:

  • Scat
  • Farting
  • Gore
  • Vore
  • Furry
  • Pregnant/Impregnation
  • Internal Shot/X-Ray
  • Rape
  • Loli/Shota

 Note: Don’t list is subject to change at any time.

-I have the right to decline a commission for any reason I feel fit. (Uninterested, don’t feel comfortable, etc.)


Since the migration have triggered I decided to accept light or adult ecchi art (exclusive here at Newgrounds) and (or) whatever you wan't as part of the commission but I still retain the what I will draw and not draw.





Commission are open, for all the infos click here.

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