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Hello everyone. name is Bold King Cole part of LuckoDaStars.

I am working on a Christmas cartoon called: Christmas with the Stars

it is a passion project currently being made with my team from Newgrounds and I am looking for a few guest animators who might be able to assist with the animation. i need 3 guest animators and guest characters for particular scenes and characters. I am taking a page from Brewster's: The Gold Men https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719534 as the inspiration of this cartoon.

The cartoon will be rated E - T

Each animator will animate the their own character in the cartoon but we also need some who would be able to animate characters outside their own for certain scenes

i need for the project

  • 1-3 animators who can do this in 1-2 month's time (mainly animating their own character and certain ones will be animating particular scene characters, the script have already been set in stone so i cannot change characters but cameos are fine)
  • animator who specialize in darker furry style (evil looking style) (very specific character)
  • Discord and willingness to collab
  • Link to their work on Newgrounds

I am also looking for

  • a voice actor/actress who can sound like Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents
  • Musician for Christmas music or permission to use their music

hey ppl

im doing a handsome squidward reanimated collab

i need 10 - 20 animators for this collab

if you would like to help

join the discord


deadline will be decided when we have enough people


I'm looking for a female American accent to portray a tour guide in a couple short lines for a comedy/parody.


Hey Newgrounds, I am hosting a Christmas themed Animation Collab!!

Emperor Santa Klaus wants to be entertained but finds elves REALLY boring.

They luckily find A Christmas Story on VHS, which is Emperor Santa's favorite movie.

To bad it was taped over. (bunch of random sketches)

If you are an animator and want to make a Christmas sketch join my server we're working on this.



hey if you need an artist for a little game jam or something, hit me up. I'd like to practice making game assets, and also it seems like it'd be fun to work on a game jam with someone

I have some of my art uploaded to newgrounds so check out my profile


Please feel open to use any of my songs in your games! tag me, and send me the game if you do please! i love you, all of you! humanity can be bad sure, death and warfare and all. don't get wrapped up in that, ok? It may be real but it isn't life. creation and inspiration are life, and you and me are life. we are here, and you saw this. you were supposed to see this and I was supposed to write this



These type of people would be great for several of my series, although the RJL Show and Misymbollaneous are my main series right now:

-People who are good at art and/or animation (in Adobe Animate/Flash (animation & art) and/or Photoshop (art))

-People who can create musical stings (or at least for the most part) & SFX

-People who can write funny scripts or come up with funny ideas

-People who can review audio mixes, animations, scripts, and others

-People who can create JSFLs in Adobe Flash/Animate like possible shortcuts or something like that

If anyone here wants to animate for the RJL Show, Misymbollaneous, and/or Wavatar Land, PM me for an animator audition file.

Here's the latest The RJL episode for reference:


And the latest Misymbollaneous short:


Talk to me for a Wavatar Land episode reference since the show will change quite a bit starting from the 20th episode. The 19th episode is available now though.

God bless you all!



Mizuki's Water Prison is a short vid/ Music Video that involing a woman with new found superhuman abilites!

The song of Inspiration is Ohgr's Water. I'm willing to use another song since copyright stuff. I would love to use some awsome talent.

I'm currently working on the character models and story board, but I'm feeling the idea of the collabs episodes in which characters are drawn diffrently,so if youre intresting once the design is out, then I say go for it.



  1. I'm posting this now because I keep forgetting anfd its killing me. (stoner brain)
  2. This WILL have gore and nudity. (1 naked tiddie lady, lots of guts n blood)
  3. This will be posted under another alias since I suck at networking under the other name and its originally for this account ( https://psmedia.newgrounds.com/ ).
  4. If you have directing experience, I'm willing to work with you, just NO idea people, the idea is "here", just need to be made.
  5. This is more of an effect and visually pleasing experience. So if it looks fun, it's in.
  6. Looking for at least 15 animators and a musician or two. ( if you can make some weird version of the song of intrest with some nasty wubs, extra points)
  7. I will finialize the group of creators once I feel comfortable. I don't care how many people, I just wanna do something cool.
  8. Don't harass me please, I am literally one person not only doing this collab but running a company with 1 person and a patreon with another. Follow my Twitter (on my page) if its important inqury.
  9. If you have a weird style, don't be afraid to message me, I want that.
  10. This is my first project im doing with ppl online, so I'll do my best to work with you all.

I'm the creator and director for a show named Worst Friends and we're looking for writers/screenwriters! The show is about a girl who thinks she can take on everyone's problems and fix them. But some problems just aren't fixable and in some cases, so are the people causing them. The show has to do with dissociative disorder, depression, repression, etc. So you must be OK with getting dark. If you'd like to work on the show you need to be at least 18 years or older, know how to work Discord and be on often, as it is the main way the team communicates, and know how to write well/write stories! If you're interested you can get in touch with me by emailing me at Ortiz406150@Gmail.com, adding me on Discord at DannTasma#8660, or messaging me on Instagram @DannTasma. This description is very brief but if you're interested in wanting to know more you're more than welcome to get in contact with me!iu_195690_5108271.jpgiu_195689_5108271.jpg


Always open for collaboration with other talented lyricists and artists. It’s all for the love of the art form, and 9/10 times the result is pure fire. Check out my tracks and if you wit it, hit me up.


Hey everyone, I'm looking for voice actors to voice two of my characters for an animatic I'm making for school. The deadline is on 12/11.

The basic synopsis: During Black Friday, at the height of the 2008 recession, two best friends try to snag a discounted game console. What they don't know is how much demand there is for what they want.

Here's the two characters and a basic description of who they are:


This is Travis, a teenage boy. He's a bit of a know-it-all nerd and is pretty irritated or apathetic most of the time.


This is Cam, also a teenaged boy. He's a pretty oblivious jock/meathead that usually has a lot of energy.

Both of these characters are American so their accents should be American.

For anyone interested, contact me either through a private message on here, or on my Discord account: Pink Poppo#4739 Please send me a sample of your voice! Once I decide on who to cast, I will send out the script and rough storyboards.


Hi it’s Sofi here ! I was just wondering if you’d like to participate in this charity fundraiser event I’m organising in aid of the charity Oxfam. It’s called Paint for Poverty. It’s to raise awareness and money for the nonprofit, due to the closure of many of their charity shops they are losing loads of money and need our help!

To participate ,you must submit an artwork inspired by the charity’s work using the tag paint-for-poverty with a link to the charity in the description. Feel free to share it on your other platforms too.I am also going to make a YouTube video on my channel featuring the artworks submitted with credit and links to your NG pages in the description.

The artworks cannot be NSFW ( no gore or pornographic images etc..).Ideally , you should create a painting (digital or traditional) and create a speedpaint if possible. If you can’t do this , a regular drawing is fine to.

This is unpaid work and a peer collaboration

The deadline for submission is December 1st.

Have a great day ❤️


So, I'm not skillful in collaborations, but I want to try. I can do a bit of 3d stuff and a tiny bitsy of 2d drawing. If you're interested, dm me! Oh and English is not my native language, so bear with me. :D


Message or email me if you want to work on this. And like always Be prepared to work for free

message me or email msuperteddyfils@gmail.com


Hello everyone! I am MeatySentai and I just wanted to put out there I'm here to work with anyone who would

 need some sort of animation,game, or even narration voice work done 

for your project! Right now I'm more interested in growing my

 experience and resume than I am to be paid, so I welcome any and all projects!

I have been on the following projects and series

  • SRS (Original Animation)
  • Adora Project (Video Game)
  • Sword Sisters ( Video Game)
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • Castle Swimmers Comic Dub 
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Below is my contacts and demo reel! Hope to work with you soon!

Discord - HalfBoiledRamen#7878

Email - meatysentaiva@gmail.com

And on NewGrounds of course!

Demo Reel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQDBHMU3UQE



I am a musician, (as you can tell), and I have had actual bands and orchestras play my compositions and say that they were amazing. So, I am open to collab with anyone with a good taste for music, and I specialize in:

  1. jazz,
  2. blues,
  3. videogame,
  4. dubstep,
  5. dance
  6. electronic, and
  7. chipstep.

I'd love to hear from you!

P.s. I can try classical, but I am not good at it. Also, if you are a vocalist, I'm sure I can write music for vocal. How hard could it be?


I'm a hard worker looking to make some magic. I'm a writer and i have two comic books on Amazon Sight Beyond Yudorchi and What change may Bring. I'm looking to work with some interesting people and if you need help with fighting scenes or looking for a story i'm here for you.



Hi all! Anyone want to team up and combine our skills in making an animated short? I have decent recording gear and I use Moho Pro 13 to animate. You can check out my shorts to get an idea of what im capable of. I do everything myself with the exception of the female voice acting. Looking forward to hearing from all the talent here on newgrounds!



I'm currently working on an animated series with a small team, but we are in need of more animators as we only have one currently (me), and we want to make as many episodes as possible which we can't really do with only one animator.

We also are looking for voice actors for some of the main characters.

The show is about a boy who runs a cannibal restaraunt.

I'm a minor so I am looking for people around 13-18, because i wouldn't feel comfortable working with anyone older.

We're looking for people with at least 2 years of animation experience.

You can also contact me at Lemonsaltsshow@gmail.com


Hi, I'm an artist looking to expand on a game I made, its available to play on my Newgrounds page, I'm looking for a programmer experienced in game maker 2


Hello! My name is Kaden Gonzalez.

I have just finished a series of songs that I want to make an animated music video for.

(see song here)

I'm 15 so I can't pay, but if it earns any money, I'd be happy to split the income.

If you're good with space themed stuff, that would be really cool. I tried to animate it myself (i have some experience) but it didn't end up looking too good (you can see it on my page).

If you're interested, I'd love to help you out with any sound.

Also... I am really good at making 8-Bit songs so if you are making a video/videogame with that theme, I would be happy to help! just friend me and tell me what you would like me to do!

ALSO... I am a good voice actor (or so i'm told) so if you want some deep voices, I'm good at that, but i'm also very good with high pitched voices (i have a weird voice.). don't worry about quality (I have a Blue Snowball microphone)

My Discord: kadepow11#5337 (if that doesn't work, try KADEPOW11GAMING#5337)

email: kadepow11gaming@gmail.com

snapchat: kadepow11

Be safe out there. Wear a mask.


Hi all!

I'm a voice actor and filmmaker. I am looking for projects to lend my voice to.

Accent and voice reel!

Just looking for likeminded people to collab with. Great audio set up and quick turnaround!




I wanna make art + flash animations. With music and voice actors. 

I also need help with a web series I'm making!


I'm making a web series. Cool. I need help. Cool. Just do it.


i want at least 20 or more animators that can do animation, and art. well get each animator on a doc to see which chunk is available. is anyone is interested contact me at: derekosborne6969@gmail.com The video is going to be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA10XUaI3Mo

Choose a part: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1atNsTdcPz1ZkykaMVShH6BTbNjN9fiU2XufB17O5XwQ/edit?usp=sharing


so, anyone want to make art or something with me? it's free. idk


Hello! I am a novice voice actor interested in working with everyone, and anyone. I don't wanna be paid, I just wanna lend my voice to projects and gain exposure from it. I also don't know if my voice is capable of being paid for- anyways. I'm an 18 year old female, relatively normal voice. I'll update with a voice reel asap!

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me a dm and I'll respond as I can!


I want to help people with art so if you want help hit me up


I need somebody to help me turn my drawings into animations

Or a collab


Hello everyone!

I am a huge fan of horror games (ie Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Undertale in it's own charming way) and would LOVE to start a horror project!

I am primarily a Composer/Producer/Creative Consultant but I have written in the past. I don't have any concrete concepts atm so ideally I'd like to meet someone with a project/idea or someone who is willing to collaborate.

I have some examples of my work on my profile, but am still in the process of uploading more. I'm just joining Newgrounds with this Alias but have used the site for years. I have a larger variety I can email out, but as of now it's mostly inter-connected pieces in a horror-style. Although I have no concrete characters, I have created a "vibe" I guess with my pieces, a musical world I'm trying to develop to get an idea of the emotions I'm feeling for the game.

I'm also available for general hire (or even free if the project is promising or at least very passionate). I honestly would just love to be a part of a video game project. I've been speedrunning Resident Evil 3 Remake and it's somehow inspiring me.

Looking forward to working with the talent on this site!

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