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Gheata Gheata artist / programmer / writer Message looking for musicians

Hi hi. Looking for a music track created by you for this game: Your reward: You will be credited and your name linked to your newgrounds channel/site/whatever you want (no lewd/gore stuff tho)

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SureDroid SureDroid artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am a programmer who loves creating apps, games, and websites for everyone to see and use. The problem is that it is too hard for me to do this alone, and that’s why I need your help! SureDroid is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating amazing content for the community. We are trying to find people who love their hobby as much as we love creating games, and anyone can help. We currently have two major game-dev projects, one of which is a 2d pixel fantasy with the theme of floating islands, and another a 3d horror game. These projects can be a great way to improve the quality of your work, get realistic experience in a team-based environment, and work on a game if you never had the chance or knowledge to do so before. There are other teams as well you can be part of, including our Blogging and App-dev team. If you have any questions or comments, pop by on the discord server and send me a message. Even if you are not interested in joining a team, feel free to join the discord server and chat with others.
Go to or join the server directly at See you there!

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coldten2003 coldten2003 artist / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors, writers

Just looking for voice actors and other writers, I can't write and voice act too, but I'm more on working on the projects side. Like animating. Please, in need of voice actors, girls and guys, and writers, just for some help. Contact me privately, so we can't talk on discord. BTW, I'm, no pedos please :)

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trashyvoid trashyvoid artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I am a character designer, concept artist, pixel artist/animator, and comic artist. I'm comfortable with 2d illustrations, pixel sprites, illustrated sprites (the sort you see in visual novels), sketching, storyboarding/animatics and refined work.

I have experience in working with teams and creating game assets. I can work in multiple art styles, including cartoon, semi-realism and anime/manga. I'm also open for trying out new styles and I can learn pretty quick.

I do paid freelance work, however if there is a SMALL project you need help with I'd gladly do it for free! This means small pixel assets or sketched busts, though.

I'm very passionate about good storytelling, and I believe that a story shouldn't be confined to one medium.

I am also available to do NSFW content, though you yourself (and team members if applicable) must be 18+. There are things that I will NOT do (incest, noncon, underage, and some other things that would just be best to ask me about). If you're looking for THAT kind of NSFW content, please look elsewhere.

Contact me either here or by email @

Commission information: (now currently 40% off until January 1st 2019)

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Golden-Bear Golden-Bear artist / musician Message looking for artists, musicians

Hey. My name is Adam Abrams , and I'm a music producer. I mainly focus in lo-fi and alternative hip-hop and I would like to form a music group with you beautiful-minded people. I'm a big fan of OFWGKTA , and draw a lot of inspiration from them , and I believe with our combined efforts we could surpass them. I'm looking for producers , rappers , artist in general , etc. If your interested PM , and I'd love to get to know you and see what we could do. This could be the group that changes our lives for better , but we'll never know unless we try , right? Below's my music stuff:

a little experiment i did on bandcamp:
my account on bootleg soundcloud:

I understand that we may not be that great NOW , but together we can evolve our sound into something so unique and so quality that the internet won't know what hit it. I think that nothing should be censored , and no topic is too dark as long as your being honest to your core. I love making music , I love rapping , I love creating stuff. I would love to take this journey with y'all to being the musical superstars I know we can be. Thank you for reading and if your interested PM me! or email me @ - I love y'all and if you have the slightest interest don't be afraid to hmu , this could be the life-altering group you were looking for!

godspeed ,
adam the god

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RandyRandom RandyRandom artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking for people who speak German, French or Spanish because I want to add another translation to my game. There are about 12 sentences and a few words that needs translation. Contact me if you're interested :)

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KatieSapphire KatieSapphire artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

My name is Katie and currently i'm working on a project with some friends.

We are working on a project for an animation series set in the ancient world using ancient tribes and ancient languages. In this world evil mythological creatures try to destroy the world and they have to be stopped.

We are looking for:
• 2D character designers
• 2D animators
• 3D background creators
• 3D landscape creators
• 3D animators
• Voiceactors
• storywriters

If you are interested or have any questions send me a private message! 。^‿^。

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MoralSky MoralSky artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Ello Loves! My name is, Hannah Israel Johnson. But I prefer to go by the name Moralsky, through social media.
I'm working on building a company that becomes a legacy of let's just say, "Walt Disney". I know what your thinking, Walt Disney is worldwide successful company, It's a living legend. Well yes I know everyone does, he's a legend. But me...Us, we can be his legacy. Obviously were not copying or stealing from Walt disney, oh no. You see this world and todays generation, has lost what you call...Originality. And I or the company wants to bring that back, I understand this is a very ambitious task and journey, but anything is possible with a great team, hard-work, and love for what you do. Every company will have their trial and error, like Walt Disney's beginning. Unlike Disney, if none of you haven't realized, it only focus on one main audience range...Children. I know children are the joy and happiness of most society daily life and attention, and I don't see a problem with that. Although instead of just focus on one, I want to embrace the whole world globally; from children to old age. which is very possible. There was so many chances and other company's that could reach to Walt Disney success, but haven't; maybe because, didn't want to, to much work, or to me companies like Disney be little themselves, comparing themselves sometimes to Disney or even letting them take ownership of their company. Which is happening now and is most companies downfall, this company will not do the same or partner with Disney at all. Because they like to steal or take ownership of any work that's not their's, as well as change it and make your ideas and opinion invalid if it's with their company. Well not us, were different from other companies. This company will be more magical or just as magical as Walt Disney, but better, it'll grab families from all over the world. Also this company will be a collaboration with Cartoon/Anime, but not like the ones you see today original, unique, and different.

That's why I need a creative team and loyal and willing to work hard and make their dreams come true, as well as having fun and enjoying what they love to do, I don't want you to not have fun. A team on the animating/art side and a team on the business side, which can be discuss further if your interested or don't understand what I mean Business side.

The company does start NON-PROFIT, so I don't have money YET! To pay anyone until the comapany flourish and prosper. Although I might make an exception if your payment amount is in my range of pay, than yes I might pay you.

~Help Wanted~

{Animating/Art Side}-Main Help
*Talented/Unique/Creative Artist
*Animator(1 or 2 years experience, at least some kind of experience)
*Logo/Icon Designer
*Music/Soundtrack Artist

{Business Side}
*Copyright(Organizer/Holder)-Main Help
*Financial Analysts-Main Help
*Sales Representatives-Main Help
*Human Resources assistant
*Marketing coordinator
*Assistant Buyers
*Operations research analysts

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J-Gold J-Gold artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Heyyy I am an artist trying to make a game. The game will be a 1st person shooter with 4 teams of 6 with each character having a unique role and abilities. That's just a brief description of the game and I hope you can help me create it

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KevDee KevDee artist / writer Message looking for musicians

Hi, I'm currently working on an Undertale/deltarune inspired original story called TellersTale. I'm hoping to create a short video for next years Pixel Day at the end of Jan. Right now, however, I've completed an incredibly short teaser video to give people an idea on how it'll look and play out. (It'll be uploaded later as of this post, in the meantime, I have some artwork of Teller and the scene.)

I'm looking for someone who can replicate the awesome music style of Undertale and Deltarune as well as create sound effects for the video. For now, if you want to show off your skills, I can give you the short teaser to play around with.
If you can create sound effects for it and perhaps a small jingle/theme then I'll choose who will help me.

The idea of TellersTale is it's an adventure but there are depressing elements. So a theme that integrates adventure with hints of sadness.

PM me for more details.

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o3oRadeo3o o3oRadeo3o artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

will pay animator to make kick starter video, 43 seconds video.

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MarckEllo MarckEllo artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello there!

Brief introduction: Marck here! Impulsive artist and obsessive story-teller.

I've been (mostly) solo-developing a game project for about a year and now I'm close to a beta version, with a second demo playable in a few days. The bug population however, have probably risen to uncanny heights since the last published demo so now I am in great need of ALPHA TESTERS to help me find and neutralize the bugs.

I'm sorry to say won't be compensating for your aid, but once the beta version is stable I will immediately work on translating the game to a Newgrounds friendly version on another game engine so at the very least you might get a view exp. points from voting (haha, sorry, it's my first big game project).

Here's a few details:
- The game is a horror-esque (meaning it contains elements of but is not thematically a horror game) visual novel focusing on mystery and exploration, although it contains the typical drama, action, romance and clueless protagonist as most visual novels do.
- I will need you to do several playthroughs with certain set choices so it may require a bit of work.
- Experience with indie games, similar genres, or general constructive criticism is desired but not required.

This isn't as much a collab offer as me asking for help, but I want to finish the game before a certain deadline so I'd be really grateful for all the help!

Shoot me a PM if you'd like to help and thank you for reading!

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afdesign afdesign artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Hi, my name is Alan Funk a freelance illustrator.

I am available to do commissions for fan art, custom art, product design, or branding.

I work in both traditional and digital mediums.

Visit my portfolio at:

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