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New posts! XBox Controller 4 Billion $ Subs? 4
New posts! Rabies? 14
New posts! Testing medicine on humans? 8
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New posts! Why does this exist 16
New posts! Did I ruin my life? 12
New posts! I'm 18, my friend is 34 years old.. 15
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Popular thread, new posts! Netflix's Death Note Film Adapation Page: 1 2 38
Locked topic. Can anyone ban Bucknike? 2
New posts! Hurricane Jose Discussion 12
New posts! Going full conspiritard sorry guys! 0
New posts! Is being 5'2 bad for a guy? 27
New posts! CAH packs? 4
Locked topic. Voice Actor/Actress needed! 1
New posts! Last night... 24
New posts! Getting a job without a degree 20
New posts! Last time you went to church/temple 18
Locked topic. Hen is slightly delayed :( 6
New posts! Polls 8
New posts! I'm I wrong for graduating early? 10
New posts! What did I miss 12
New posts! how to fix newgrounds 28

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