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Old User Re-Introduction Thread

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Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-01-30 21:11:45

Oh, didn't realized that this thread exists! LOL!

I used to be active around 2005-ish when I was like... 14-years-old? I'm 29-years-old now, and boy, this site has changed a lot! I'm Girla PurpleHeart, PurpleGallys or Lily Rose; whatever you called me.

I'm started to draw more often, but I wanted to share my art on here too. But since Newgrounds has gotten a lot better over the years now, I decided to come back.

Hope I can see old and new friends on here! :3

Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-01-31 10:34:53

I am recently getting back into NG. I was active in 05-07, then posted like once a year after that, then completely silent since 2013.

Last time I was here, The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was popular. I remember a user named Maus. But that's about it.

Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-01-31 17:36:58

At 1/31/21 10:34 AM, afliXion wrote: Last time I was here, The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was popular. I remember a user named Maus. But that's about it.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to her.

Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-02-01 23:25:15

At 1/31/21 10:34 AM, afliXion wrote: Last time I was here, The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom was popular. I remember a user named Maus. But that's about it.

I remembered that series, that's what I first discovered this website. Too bad the VDGC community was toxic back then, and that's why I left this site because of it. Never heard of the user Maus, but I think that name does ring a bell.


The name is June, this wasn't the case back then but after certain events, I changed my name to something that fits me better and doesn't hurt as much to hear whenever someone mentions it

I've had an old account, an really old one, I think about 6 or 8 years old, since I do recall myself playing games daily on Newgrounds and eventually wanted to earn medals myself, but I've left it behind ever since I changed names aswell, and started everything from scratch

My current objective as of now is to reconnect myself to Newgrounds and my roots, and possibly kickstart my carreer in here just like many other Newgrounds users did in the past, but in general, I'm just glad to be back, I loved this site back then, and I still love it now, and I always will

I hope I can eventually bring you all a smile.

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Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-02-10 08:54:08

Hi I'm MrFlipside I'm learning to animate on Flash I will post stuff on here. I created this account last year of September I'm mostly at the forums

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Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-02-14 05:13:59

Hellow friends!!

Last year I finally started to actually submit art after being on this site in some form since the beginning.

I don't have many viewers or votes and I was hoping I could get feedback on whether or not my art is actually good.

I hope you do like my art or can be a friend and constructively tell me what I can do better.

My Art

Smile! It's going to be Awesome!


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Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-02-21 02:11:15

Been thinking about this place for a while since I saw flash was being discontinued, but I hadn't stopped by in a while. I went by a few different names here but michelinman and gastro are probably the two I did the most posting with. I remember when I started, it didn't take much to get into the top 100 posters, so I posted a whole lot of spam to get my post count up and made it onto the list over the course of a summer. Kinda funny that was a point of pride when I was like 12 lol. Hope all the old folks are doing well.

Response to Old User Re-Introduction Thread 2021-02-23 20:17:57

At 8/15/20 07:59 AM, TomFulp wrote: @Susanowoo suggested that we create an OLD User Introduction thread, for old accounts that have never introduced themselves or have just returned to NG after years of absence. I've seen a good number of returning visitors in recent years so this sounds like a fun idea.

If you're an old user who has been lurking, this thread is your opportunity to let yourself be known!

Welp we have introduce to Tom Fulp time ago but here's our introduction! ^^








Our name is Lagartimations Media Entertainment, we're a multimedia production and distribution studio who are dedicated to the variety of content creation such as E-Books, Comics, Music, Animations, etc.

We're being hangin' out in newgrounds since the first years of the website, but is right now where we have now the courage to be part of this awesome community!

Anyway, if you guys don't know what we are or we're we currently creating, here's some facts to get us know quickly ;)

1.- We're a studio that is based in Venezuela, but our objective is really out of hands for a place such a Latin America, so for that, we have made our mark out of the origin site and move to places that can make us know internationally, for example, Newgrounds.

(And we are very proud to have take that decisition, not like the major people of Latin America that they're completely closed to this kind of media. I hope that in this process we don't need to be involved with the guy that starts with D and ends with O... Only latin lolcows experts will understand what we're saying XD)

2.- We're currently working in comic series, music production, dubs and translations. Our comic series are available in the website "Tapastic" and for spanish speakers, in "Faneo".

So if you're curious about it, you can check them without no hurry ;)

3.- You know the Brown Lizard Kobold that has been appearing this days on the forum? If you don't know is because you're not following us and you need to do it Right Now. (hehehe, JK.)

That Kobold's name is Hornet and she's our most iconic mascot of our entire studio, meaning that she even is the face of our entire studio and social medias. and, come on, don't blame her but she's hella cute and you guys really want to hug her so bad. ^^


And welp, besides all of this, we also want to say that we're really grateful and excited to be part of this enormous community of really passionate people with their projects. (Cause fuck! there is a ton of talented people here.)

We hope we can be part of the history of this website between our most great inspirations such a Tom Fulp, Ninja Muffin, Joel G. And of Course, the big daddy Harry Partridge. ^v^

Huge hugs to all the community! Hornet will still here hangin' out in the site and fucking around between the memes and the art you're putting in the forum. ^^

  • With love, Lagartimations Media Team.

We do comics, If you don't know!

Check it out on Tapastic, and for spanish, check it on Faneo! :3

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