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_-={Precious Seconds}=-_

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Read first review for full explanation behind this song. Listen before reading, enjoy!

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celtic tunes

please i beg of you........i await your response*favs* *downloads*

once again

you awe me with your ability to tell a good story in musical form and your piano sound is incredible. this is damn good and all the stories i've read for it fit very well, so looks like you're SOOO GOOD your music is a case of one size fits most.lol

all is lost none is found

a man was coming back to his homeland after years of work.when he came back all he counld see was broken houses and buildings.
noooo!! this can't be happening!!
he droped to his knees and tears fell out of his eyes like 1000 raindrops droping 1 by one.
*this is all i got right now feel free to edit this story and make it better
lol i know it not alot but the shorter the storys the more you can add to it*

precious seconds

In the heat of battle, in the throws of insanity a man finds himself against all odds. How did he ever find himself this way. The battle was to be won and yet he stood with sword in hand and the blade a crimson slick of blood. Fearing the truth he looked up and fearful eyes confirmed the truth. A gasp of horror, as the love of his life was run through by his hand.
Even now she found the strength to smile though blood now came from her mouth.
"I, i...thought..." he said
He tried pulling the sword from her body but she grabbed his wrist stopping him.
"I prayed that i could see you one last time before i would die."
"No, no...no not like this."
She fell against him, it was already to late for her in his arms she summond the last of her strength and took her final breaths into his ear.
"Remember Marcus, remember me as i was then and not the person i am now."

All Hope Lost

"You were my only love, and now...you're gone forever. What do I have to live for now?"

A veteran of many wars finally retired from duty the Medal of Honor placed upon his ragged uniform. He was still in his forties but throughout the many events he's been through and all the bloodshed he had seen, the expressions on his face made him look as if he was in his sixties.

He returned to his wife on a breezed evening in the countryside. He knocked on the wooden door and a woman opened the door. She sobbed quietly in joy as she hugged her husband. Not wanting him to go once more, she gripped his arm and asked him a promise. "Please, don't go...ever again. I need you" she said "I promise" he replied.

Three weeks later, his ex-Sergeant came by and said "We need you, one last time." He thought about what his Sergeant said, and he also remembered his promise. The call of duty awaits him, but he didn't wanted to leave, but he also didn't have a choice. He can either go or let his country crumble to ashes.

"I'll be back, this I will not fail" he said. and kissed his wife then left in the Humvee to the battlefield. His wife gave him something to memorize her; a necklace. He carried his rifle into the leaden dirt and fired wildly on hostiles.

Please, wait for me. He thought. "God bless the Americans" she prayed back home. Each day she would be waiting and starring outside her window in the bright grasslands. She never gave up hope and she knew he would come back.

A month later, his brethren knocked on her door. "He...walked away. I'm so sorry" his comrade announced. She cried and looked at the sky "Why??" The soldier took out a small packet, she opened it. The necklace was dirty and scathed but it still kept it's shape. There was a note under it. "Please, never forget me. As I will never forget you" she read.

And there is the vision I had to this song and I made up this story completely on the spot. Hope you guys liked it. Tell me how it was ^_^