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Reviews for "_-={Precious Seconds}=-_"

A Timeless Love

by: raven richardson

"our hearts will continue to beat a rhythm with time, therefore we'll always have forever." she said. "have faith...& come home to me..."

3 springs have passed since she's spoken those words. She would watch from the big elm by the lake, everyday, for her soldier to return. Hour by hour. Day by day. "...come home to me...". As she laid herself down at night she would say "have faith my love, i'll see you tomorrow."

While waiting by the elm one day a man was walking up the dirt road. Ecstatic for it to be her love, she ran to be in his arms only to discover that he was an older man. One she has never seen before. As they greeted each other the older man bowed his head in respect & handed her a medal of honor. Tears filled her eyes as he softly said, "he was a brother to many, but most importantly, a son to me."

From then on she wasted her days shooting whiskey in the kitchen while staring out upon the big elm tree. Her family worried but unable to reach her & her spirit broken, she finally got the strength to once again walk to the big elm. She leaned against it crying & swearing the heavens above about this uncalled for deed. "i'm sorry, but i can't go on...there must be a way to stop...time..." she cried. She pulled a small pistol from her dress placing it to her heart.

A silver car pulled up in the drive way. 3 men let themselves out, but one in particular noticed the elm tree. He smiled as he briskly walked up to the house and knocked upon the door. A familiar face answered in surprise. Her younger sister. "You're alive?" the sister said in shock. "yes, and where is your sister? I wish to make her my wife." The sister shook her head in disbelief. "You're supposed to be dead. She left to be with you." "I don't understand..." he said. "She shot herself under the elm tree not long ago." she said looking down.

The lover starred at her, & knew she wasn't lying for her tears falling were proof enough. He looked down "i"m sorry." He walked away from the house towards the elm tree. The younger sister just watched. His two friends called for him as they watched him walk to the tree. Placing a hand upon the trunk he softly whispered, "i'm sorry, but i can't go on." He pulled out his gun & placed it to his heart.

they say, if the breeze is right, every spring when the flowers bloom. You can see them under the big elm, in each others arms. Don't feel sorry for them. They are now together, trapped in the endless rhythm of time.

::How the lover returned; During the war he was trapped behind enemy lines and the only way to get out was to completely lose his identity. He exchanged his uniforms with an unidentifiable dead enemy soldier, in order to survive & obviously got out. However a fellow soldier brought his "body" back to base camp causing the news of his death to reach back home to his love. Mistaken identity basically & with the time frame i thought this in there was no other way to identify a soldier other than the dog tags. It's a stretch i know, but it's a set up for a good story. you can't deny it =]::

[this story is completely fictional written by me on the spot]
Please tell me what you think ^.^

MaestroRage responds:

It's a very well written story, and for something that was made up on the spot I have to give you props.

I would have liked it if he didn't say anything but just left the house. A firm purpose instilled in his heart. So resolute, so absolute there was not a second to spare.

Such untimely demise, fitting. Goose bumpy feelings all around. Well written again, thank you for the story and the time it took to write it! And again for the review!

The best

Truly awesome, no doubt. The song is touching and powerful. 10/10


This piece produces a lot of images in my mind whenever I listen to it. A very emotional track with a mixture of sadness and courageousness. Keep up the great work :)


I personally think this song would have gone PERFECTLY in Batman Begins right when his parents die!! OMG!

A story and a review

A surveillance camera has difficulty coming on before revealing the scene before you... You see some sort of machine grasping a man's hand with what looks like paws. Turquoise armor with the shape of a snow leopard, it was a machine. The face and tail looked as if they were actually made of fur. As you gaze upon the monitor, you hear it speak with a definite feminine voice, sounding rather sad. "Please, don't go." she would say. The man would weakly take one of her paws and place something in it, pushing them together. "Please, do not let THEM find this." he would say, before slumping back onto the bed, lifeless. "Father... Father!!! FATHER!!!" the machine's cries becoming more desperate each time. Before long, she was on the floor, in tears. She had lost the only one that ever cared about her, that meant the whole world to her, who made her laugh, gave her affection, everything. He was now dead, her creator, her "father," was now dead.

MaestroRage responds:

a very depressing story mushu. I enjoyed reading every word of it. Chilling. But now i'm so curious, what is this thing in her hands?! XD you've captured my attention.

Thank you for this story and the review, i'm glad you enjoyed it!