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Reviews for "_-={Precious Seconds}=-_"

awesome track

it starts with a sad tune, then works its way up in layers to an ensemble of many different instruments, then it goes silent again, but it's simple, awesome, a masterpiece, 10 / 10

Amazing, as always

Another wonderful piece, Maestro. This one reminds me of the work of Jeremy Soule (Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind). The 60 bpm makes it very addictive. I'm especially fond of the music box-esque ending.

you my sir are amazing

i love you is that wrong you should put this into sheet music if you can please. if you do could you give me imformation about how to get this.

*insert high vocabulary adjective here*

i must say, this song is quite exceptional. i really enjoyed the choir midway through. Music like this reminds me of David Orr for some odd reason, both powerful? you're definetly one of my favorite classical artists on here.

on a side note, do u have any songs with flute? i apologize for not listening to all your tracks, i only have 15mins on here every other day =\, which btw i devote to you =p


I"m not sure what else I can add to the review other than what is already said above. I've always been an advocate of great music, regardless of the artist, genre, etc. I've also always believed that sometimes simple is better, and artists such as yourself have proven me right time and again. I look forward to more masterpieces from you, and I will not refrain in continuing to listen to works such as this.

MaestroRage responds:

I am glad you believe that statement deathbyrandom. it is a phrase I often tell myself too when I am tempted to make things too complex or layered. Sometimes the most effective melodies, the most powerful songs are those who don't try to speak on several levels. Straightforward, simple, easily heard, but not necessarily easily understood.

I hope I don't disappoint you in the future, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it :D!