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This song depicts Newgrounds and all it's users. There are 6 segments (okay, well more like 6 and a half). It does this by showing you each aura that is available to the users here.

Keep in mind each segment change is introduced with a mighty french horn rip! You'll be sure to notice it, like a fierce sweeping wind that forces your head in another direction!

The song begins by the chants of both men and women, this is the populace of Newgrounds! People from far and wide, logging into the portal, seeing thousands upon thousands of works of art! After the big chant build up, we see the golden aura, the aura of the admins and the mods.

The second segment is of the Neutral aura. Busy, present, but nothing too drastic.

The third segment is of the dark aura. Sinister.

The fourth segment is of the red aura. Rage, my personal favorite :D!

And the fifth segment is the blue aura. Happy, joyful.

The last segment is the pink aura. My friend told me I should have "It's Raining Men" played by an accordian, but I chose to instead depict a more happy go lucky, carefree melody instead. Fab doesn't have to mean "fab" does it?

Hope you all enjoy, the Anthem for Newgrounds, let the new year begin!

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It feels like a final boss music

Its my favorite classical song!

Nice job :D

I am a classical musician,loving the baroque era the most(For people who don't know what that era is just think of J.S Bach and harpsichords and Pipe Organs) and I like a piece very hard.But,this one sir,is a masterpiece....your harmony is not absurd,it flows nicely with really minor tempo issues(which might not even be considered as issues)...I was playing Leon wars since it came out.....when i was a child I loved that piece and belmont's legend.....

5/5 Sir....Bravissimo


just :D