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Reviews for "_-={Precious Seconds}=-_"

What i hear in this awesome song

You and your friend are out late once you say goodbye to your friend you go to home to find out that a Horrible thing has happened your girlfriend has been shot to death.You call 911 and by the time the cops get there they say There is no way we can find the killer we are really sorry.But Deep inside you think you know who killed your girlfriend and you silently say the name of the killer...


This piece makes me think of how Precious a life can be...

Sounds rather sad, yet an EPIC song.

Ok, here's my share of the taco.
My story:
An orchestra is playing this exact song to an audience of thousands. They are about to play the final bar but something stops them in their tracks. "NO!!" shouts the pianist. "Estelle! Don't do this!" The crowd looks to where he seems to be pointing, but in the place of Estelle is nothing more than an empty chair. "Don't just stand there!" the pianist shouts again, "Help her!" The pianist rushes over to the empty seat and holds Estelle in his arms. "Looks like he's lost his mind!" shouts a foolish audience member "My imaginary friend died too. When I WAS FIVE!!" The pianist, tears falling from his eyes, runs to the phone and dials 111. ( That's New Zealand's number by the way.) "Say one word on that phone, and it's community service for you!" shouts the theatre owner. "I've....." the pianist is dragged out of the theatre. "NO!!!" he shouts again "Whatever happens Estelle, we'll always be together, I promise!" The theatre doors close shut and the pianist is never seen again.

a story

i see a youn man holding his beloved who has been stabbed by a blade in his place her blood coverin his clothes as he cries calling her name. she touches his face with herhand saying we will be together again i promise. he begs her not to die and that he needs her know and their love shines so brightly that even the cruel one who stabbed her stands there watching them in awed silence.
he lays her down folding her hands together as he stand up his anger rising as he lifts his blade from the dirt and makes himself ready to fight the one who harmed her. his face a cloud of anger as he thinks of her in his mind as he makes ready fight. thoughts of her smiling face, crying angry and the loving peaceful face when they laid together running through his head as he rushes towards his foe. an increble piece once again.

This is what I see.

I see a boy, hiding in his room. Burglars are in his house they are stealing everything. Earlier he manages to grab his fathers Pistol from under his bed. He then hears approaching footsteps. Getting closer, the boy begins to wimper and cry to himself, thinking "Is this It?". Going over it again and again he finds himself watching a clock and hearing it tick past the seconds. He then finds it in himself not to give up and when the footsteps came to his door he fires three times, the figure drops. When he looks to see the face of the burgler, he finds the face of his father, lying their, dead. The boy then realizes what he has done and fall to his knees crying. Their he shall remain trapped within that unforgettable memory, even as the clock continues to move.