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Newgrounds Wiki: Content Submission

Our content submission and review process varies per content type. Some rules are common among all content types:

  • You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting.

  • Your work may not be racist, homophobic, hateful or illegal.

  • Your work may not blatantly come from a tutorial.

  • If your submission is adult in nature, it must be your own original artwork and not involve photo or video nudity.

  • Your work may not depict sexually suggestive situations with children (this judgement is based on the imagery alone, regardless of whether you say the subject is 18+ in the comments). Lolicon and cub art fall under this category. If you try to flirt with the boundaries of this rule, be aware that at any point we may delete your account without notice and we will not debate it with you.

  • If you are directly making light of / exploiting a tragedy, we may or may not choose to stand by your freedom of expression. You may have to take it somewhere else. We've defended most stuff in the past but nothing is absolute.

Please see the specific rules for:

If you are wondering how to create any of the content available on the site, see our Creator Resources section.

Unfinished works are best posted on Dumping Grounds. We have a variety of forums where you may share your link and solicit feedback!

All submissions to the site currently fall into one of four categories: Games, Movies, Art, or Audio. While we don't officially accept Literature as a submission type, there is an active writing community in the Writing Forum where you can submit your work.