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Newgrounds Wiki: Tagging

Tags are keywords that give you a list of content associated with a specific word. Movies and games have up to four tags to attract the most appropriate audience. Please considering these guidelines when tagging your submissions:

  • Tags for subject matter tend to work best as plural. For example, "zombies", "cats" and "sticks" are more common than "zombie", "cat" or "stick" would be as search terms.

  • Use hyphens in place of spaces for multi-word phrases. For example, "Metal Gear" should be tagged as "Metal-Gear" and not individual "metal" and "gear" tags. If a piece of a name is iconic enough, it may work as one word such as "zelda" for Legend of Zelda.

  • If a phrase contains at least three words and is iconic as an acronym, you may attempt an acronym. Otherwise, spell it out. "world-of-warcraft" gives people a lot more information that "wow", for example.

  • Viewers may want to browse by medium, so "pixel-art", "sticks", "clay", "3D" and "stop-motion" can be useful information.

  • It's a good idea to tag individual characters featured in the submission.

  • Tags that describe the location and atmosphere of the content are useful. Viewers are likely to browse by the environment the content takes place in such as "fantasy" for anything medieval related and "space" for anything that sets in space. You can also tag submissions by specific locations they take place in such as "america", "england" and "japan".

  • If the submission is a music video, be sure to list the music genre (e.g. "rap" or "rock"). It's also a good idea to give the submission a tag for the musician and song name, if those names won't cause confusion with other popular tags. Be sure you have permission to use the song! NG can't host unlicensed commercial audio.

  • Events and contests often involve a tag that starts with the event name and ends with the year of that event. Examples of annual events include picoday2010, halloween2010, winter2010, madnessday2010 and clockday2010.