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Newgrounds Wiki: Games and Movies


Newgrounds accepts games in SWF and HTML5 (zip) format.

If you upload your game in a ZIP, you must have an index.html in the root of your zip. It will be loaded in an iframe on our view page. For best aesthetics, set topmargin=0 and leftmargin=0 in your body tag. The ZIP method can also be used to upload Flash games with multiple files.

You will see a preview of your project before you publish it. If you upload a ZIP and see a 403 error, it is most likely because your index.html is in a folder and not in the root.

After you have uploaded your file, be sure and check off details such as whether your game is Touchscreen friendly!

If you have made a game with Unity3D, please try their WebGL export option for web. Not many people have support for the Unity plugin nowadays so we removed direct Unity3D file support.

Twine games can be uploaded like other HTML5 games. After uploading your game you will see file specific settings, including the option to enable the scrollbar if your game needs one.


Newgrounds accepts movies in SWF and most video formats (MP4, MOV, etc). They can all be uploaded via the same form.

Our focus is on animation. If you want to try live action here, it must be a short film with legit production value and preferably some animation component done in post production.

In terms of what we expect to see, imagine the Movies section as going to a theater and watching an animation festival. A lot of people have worked hard to create completed animations to entertain the audience. Some of the animations are avant-garde, some are by beginners and some are the animation equivalent of a shitpost but the audience is generally entertained.

Suddenly, a 20 minute art timelapse video appears. Several people walk out of the theater. Moments after that, a demonstration of a 3D model rotates on the screen for one minute. Several more people leave the theater. Later, an unfinished animation demo plays without sound and once again, people leave the theater. Finally, a video plays with unlicensed commercial music. Enforcement from licensing agencies show up and shuts down the festival, so now there is no festival at all.

The more you view the Movies hub as an animation festival, the better you will understand the sort of work we hope to see there.

Judgment Process for New Submissions

Game and movie submissions appear immediately on the site and go through a judgment phase where users vote on them. If a sufficient score is not achieved by the end of judgment, the submission will be blammed, aka deleted. A submission may pass judgment and still be removed by moderators if it breaks the rules stated on the submission form.


If you are a sponsor or producer, please allow the developers to have their own accounts credited alongside yours in the submission. We like the real-people community vibe around here and fans will appreciate your games and movies more if they know who is actually making them.

General Information

Here are some quick guidelines specific to game and movie submissions:

  • You may submit a maximum of two per day.
  • If your filesize limit is too small, you may request a raise.
  • Submissions may be edited and files may be updated.

For rules about what NOT to submit, please see our Terms of Use for Movies and Terms of Use for Games.