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Newgrounds Wiki: Audio Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use, the following things will likely get you banned from the Audio Portal:

Submitting material that is not yours

GEOMETRY DASH USERS: Do NOT upload songs you did not create! We only allow ORIGINAL works on Newgrounds!

This is a place to share your own original works, not to post your favorite Eminem songs or the song your friend asked you to upload. If you didn't make it, DO NOT upload it. On a related note, collaborations are allowed, but it's strongly advised that your first submission is not a collaboration.

Note: Do NOT accept to be part of collaborations which you didn't contribute to. That'll get you banned.

Your song contains sample(s) that are copyrighted.

You aren't allowed to have ANY copyrighted samples in your song. Not even a millisecond, so don't even think about uploading that Soulja Boy remix. Movie quotes, game sound effects, acapellas of popular singers, etc... have a VERY good chance of being copyrighted, for example. "Fair use" does NOT apply on Newgrounds, as flash authors might want to use your song in a sponsored game or movie.

Mash-ups are also not allowed due to rights issues with the original songs.

Your song is a cover or remix.

COVERS and REMIXES of existing songs are accepted if you have permission from the original artist or the original song is public domain. We can not accept covers of songs you've heard on the radio or anything else that you don't have rights to.

Nightcore (speeding up source material and increasing pitch) is not allowed even if you have permission to use the source material.

You used stock loops/samples in an unoriginal arrangement.

There are plenty of premade loop packages available for download or coming with music software. Mixing these loops which aren't yours together isn't your own work. Put some effort into it. Nobody likes to listen to the same overused sample over and over again.

Your song is an unoriginal MIDI-rip.

Downloading a Zelda MIDI and assigning it to different instruments from the original is NOT your own work.

You used Magix Music Maker.

Besides falling under the Stock Loops rule, Magix Music Maker automatically puts all songs you create with it under its own license - uploading the song to Newgrounds is in violation of that license.

Your submission is painful to listen to.

Give us a break. White noise, blowing into the microphone, screaming, etc. doesn't belong in the Audio Portal - it just annoys people. Your submission has to have clear effort put into it.

You did not cite your resources

VST's, samples, software, hardware, sound effects... these are all things you should mention in your Author's Comments, especially if it's your first submission. Posting "nice song" as Author's Comments and then submitting an amazing 5-minute song doesn't help much in looking legitimate.

If you have any queries on whether something is acceptable or not, contact an audio moderator.

This page was adapted from a post by Rig so go say hi.