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Newgrounds Wiki: Audio

The Audio Portal is intended for artists to submit their original music or voice work. It is not intended for sharing music by other people.

When you submit a piece of audio to Newgrounds, it instantly becomes available on your user page and the Unscouted Artists listing.

Before your audio will appear on the Audio Portal front page or sub-pages, you will need to be scouted by an established member of the NG audio community. You must upload four pieces of audio before you are eligible to be scouted.

Once a scouting invite has been offered and accepted via the NG Private Messaging system, your work will appear in the audio listings and searches.

A scouted artist has the ability to scout others. Artists CAN lose this ability if they exercise poor judgment. Artists can also be de-scouted if they submit bad audio and can be permanently banned if they break the rules.

Only scouted artists can make their songs available for download.

Here are some details specific to audio submissions:

  • There is a file size limit of 250 megabytes.
  • Files must be sampled at 44.1 kHz.
  • You can only upload four songs per day, day resets at 12am EST.
  • Rappers, singers, lyricists and voice-over actors are encouraged to submit capella tracks, or by using and crediting other NG audio as a base, as using copyrighted / unlicensed work is expressly forbidden.

For more information on what NOT to submit, see our Terms of Use for Audio.