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Newgrounds Wiki: Project System

The Project System is our publishing system for Movies, Games, Audio and Art.

You can access the Project System by clicking your user icon in the header and selecting Your Projects from the sub-nav.

Alternatively, you can start a new project by clicking the upload arrow icon in the header bar.

The main project details form is where you will upload your files and fill out relevant details. At the bottom of the form you will see buttons for several other options:

Users & Credits

This page allows you to invite other Newgrounds users to be members of your project. When invited, they will receive a private message asking them to validate their membership.

Each member can be a Manager or a Contributor based on what access level you want them to have. You also have the option to assign them a credit and a share of any potential revenue the project may make (this goes back to when we had ads with rev-share).

Audio tracks default to a suggested 5% of revenue share. You may want to change this to more or less depending on how much you value the audio in your piece. Setting it to zero is generally frowned upon.

Team Tools

This is a place where project members can share files privately.

API Tools

If your project is a game, you will see the option to integrate the Newgrounds API for medals and high scores. Our original API was Flash-based and allowed for in-game ads but we recommend everyone moving forward use our new API at Newgrounds.io.


This page allows you to see what your submission will look like when it is published. From this page you can add beta testers and debug your work before exposing it to user critique. Your beta testers will only have access to this page and not the rest of your project. You can allow the general public to view this page if you prefer to do open beta testing.


This page will ask for a final confirmation that you are ready to publish your work. If you click the button to proceed, your work will now be live and available to the public! See our individual content submission categories for Games, Movies, Art and Audio to learn what happens next.