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Newgrounds Wiki: Movie Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use:

Our focus is on animation. If you want to try live action here, it must be a short film with legit production value and preferably some animation component done in post production.

You must be the creator and owner of the content you are submitting.

You must have rights to the music in your submission, or be using music that grants rights freely. Your favorite song from the radio can't be played here.

Your submission must not be a modified version of someone else's work, including tutorial files.

Your submission must not simply be an advertisement.

Do not submit copyrighted video clips or photographs that you did not create.

You may not submit photography or video of naked people.

You may not submit photography/video images of excessive gore and/or "snuff."

Do not submit illegal photography/video such as child pornography and bestiality. We WILL contact the FBI!

Sexual content involving underage characters is prohibited, please don't look for grey areas.

Your submission must not be racist or downright hateful towards specific groups of people.

You may parody existing movie submissions but you must create your own artwork.

Personal attacks towards other NG contributors will likely result in removal.

Your submission must not be a pointless "demo" or "preview" without any redeeming qualities.

Do not submit something that is merely a sound visualizer set to music, or a recording of your music project timeline. If you want to promote your song in the movie portal, it should be set to original animation like a proper music video; otherwise stick to the Audio Portal.

Do not submit pictures in a slide show format.

Do not submit low quality entries with the intent to give users "free blam points."

Do not swap out your original entry with something totally different.

Do not re-submit your entry after it has been BLAMMED without making noticeable improvements.

Make sure your submission has been properly rated.