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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2011


Dot Dot Dot is such a perfect movie because it started as a review for a game on Newgrounds, was dramatically read by a voice artist on Newgrounds, the finally converted to animation format by up-and-comer RicePirate.

We also kicked off the year with a 48 hour Animation Jam!

I-Smel released No Time to Explain, which he would later redo and release on Steam!


We hosted our third Game Jam, this time introducing IdeaTron to crap out game concepts for teams.

Brad Borne gave us a sneak peak at the upcoming XBox Live Arcade version of Fancy Pants Adventures!



The creator of the Tournament of Flash Artists (TOFA) moved the tournament over to Newgrounds this year and the open round launched this month, with 15 participants.

In Game Jam 4, teams were randomly assigned constraints to work with in their games.

We celebrated our sixth Pico Day, for the second time at the office and this time with our annual awards ceremony as part of the event. It was filmed to be included in the Everything, by Everyone documentary - yet to be completed. Luis surprised us with another cake, this time a Tankman.


The-Swain teamed up with Afro-Ninja to create Skincraft, a Minecraft skin editor that to this day is insanely popular in the Minecraft community.


In Game Jam 5, teams developed games based on classic literature!

We made a Video Falconry game inspired by a joke on John Hodgman's podcast. The game was a modest success but he featured it in his book so that made it totally worth it.




TOFA wrapped up this month, with the winning entry being The Shape of Love, by DaveBruno.

It was once again time for Madness Day.

We also had a weekend challenge: Animate a Clown Dying.


We celebrated Halloween with the release of the very spooky Gyossait.



We wrapped up the year with some great games and our usual Christmas celebration!

These Robotic Hearts of Mine is by Draknek, who went on to make the acclaimed Sokobond on Steam.

2012 will be amazing, right?!