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Captain Planet Rampage

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It's been a rough 15 years for Captain Planet. Watching the world slowly get more and more polluted has taken its toll. No one's really sure how he pays the rent. The Planeteers don't call anymore.

Spanish version of this film: http://bit.ly/sI2B1x

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is good

Loved the backgrounds and that view of the city when CP is hovering above. Voice of the cop too.

"Oh my God! You got the fat disease!" LoLoL!

.oO0"...F'kin polar bears!"0Oo.

This was really good. Graphics and animation are on point. The voice acting was above average. The facial expressions were especially well put together. Captain planet looked great.

This is great
But why did Gaia let him do that?

This is just too good. The irony, the delicious irony.