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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2007


The new year began with a new first: Our first NG Art Forum collab! "The Thin Red Line" started a trend that soon grew into its own collection.

"Pandemic" was just that - an extremely viral game that took the world by storm.

Finally, Dan Paladin was in town and joined the NG staff to make "Queers of War", a controversial take on the popular game. Because of the number of co-authors, we officially raised the co-author limit to TEN, allowing for much larger and more obnoxious collabs to be made.


LiLg and Phantasmagor showed people what's up with their extremely polished adventure game, "Hewitt." Meanwhile, customizeable bots tore eachother apart in "Bot Arena 3" and "Mobile Weapon" unveiled the secrets and dangers of Acero Isle.

The "Valentine '29" collab explored the holiday's more violent past.

"NGAP Radio" is still the only music MindChamber will listen to, and a great example of the power of XML.

A lot of time was wasted around here by "The Impossible Quiz", namely by Bob.


We usually don't cover sequels in the history of NG, but "Animator vs. Animation II" was such a big hit, we had to.

"Throwback the Duck" marked the beginning of a very ambitious original series, the sort of thing that could find its way to TV!

"Artillery Live" was an on-line multiplayer smash hit, while "IndestructoTank" took the military theme in a new direction and pretty much created a new genre in the process.


"The Story of Khale" launched a new character who feels destined to be one of the most recognizeable characters on the site... Some day.

JohnnyUtah revisited the Queers theme with "300 Queers."

"Line Runner" is a fun game that introduced a very likeable new character. I'm still waiting for more!

AngryFaic finally got his own game, aptly titled "Angry Faic", and "The Last Stand" brought the survival horror defense game to a new level.

The month ended with our second annual Pico Day, where artists from across the site celebrated the classic character who still doesn't have a sequel (sorry). Don't miss favorites such as FlashBack 00, Pico's Time Tank and Pico Unleashed.


May started off with a splash - a "SPLASH ATTACK!" This meme has forever been immortalized with a Flash that turned out to be waaay catchier than it should be.

Dave, of Retarded Animal Babies fame, was commissioned by Weird Al himself to make a video for "Virus Alert!" Weird Al also personally sanctioned our Weird Al video collection.

I said I try to avoid sequels in the NG history, but I also can't help include the seventh "Madness" movie. Moar Madness to come, later in the year...

One of my personal favorites this year was "Newgrounds Rumble", a collaboration between MindChamber and NegativeONE! Go play!


There's not a lot featured from this month, but it happens to be some of the best.

"The Stranger Forest" is simply spellbinding.

"Pancake Mines" proved that Knox still has it after all these years and "Jerry" is the sort of thing that could win lots of contests.


This was a special month in NG's history because it was the month of the REDESIGN LAUNCH, after a grueling two years of development. You can read my launch post to get a better impression of what changed.

We were also thrilled to see "The NG Redesign Collab" appear right after the site re-launched.

In addition to the redesign, we had a lot of great submissions this month. "Blamformers" was a massive community collab in honor of the Transformers movie.

Sakupen returned with "Dad's at Work", a follow-up to the classic Dad's Home from 2004. Jazza also wrapped up his epic Paladin series, with episode five and a DVD release.

Luis finally got his own day (and his own song!)

Newgrounds and ArmorGames hosted the Rock Out games contest this month, where developers made rhythm games utilizing music from the Audio Portal. Both the game developers and featured musicians won prizes for the best submissions!

The Awesome series continued to grow this year, finally warranting its own collection.


The Clock Crew turned six years old this month and we celebrated Clock Day!

"SC Guitar Maniac" wasn't part of the Rock Out contest, but it was loaded to the brim with music from the Audio Portal!

"Thwomps" got their own 20 minute movie!

"Corey Stuck in Purgatory" retold a classic tale, while "Aladdin 3150" completely re-imagined another classic.


"The Most Horrible Story" was actually quite good.

This year marked the first ever Madness Day, with HUNDREDS of submissions from crazed fans! Deus Ex Machina was the winner.

"Tankmen" finally got an official sequel AND a really good spoof series, "Halomen."

"The Composer" was another one of those award-worthy performances from Jazza.

Luis finished his second annual sketchbook tour. Be sure to also check out the first!


"Portal: The Flash Version" gave fans a sneak peak at the upcoming game from Valve! Both were two of the biggest games of the year.

We had our second annual treasure hunt, where "A Gamer & Resident Evil 4" was the prize pick. Check out the other winners!

"Mario and Friends Goof Up" was complete crap, but it made the front page by popular demand and is now considered historic.

"Jinas 1" marked the beginning of an ambitious series by AloneInTheDark. Keep your fingers crossed for more!

Perfectly times for the Halloween season, "Dark Cuts" and "HOST" are two games that deliver on creepiness.

We held a competition this year for Halloween themed submissions, resulting in hundreds of spooky movies and one winner: "Blockhead Ghostmas."

We also had a fun pumpkin carving contest.


Adam Phillips raised the bar once again with "Waterlollies." He's a total inspiration to everyone.

RubberNinja's "Gamer Tonight" series kicked off with its first episode and we celebrated the FOURTH Daily Day!


Allen Awesome started the "My New Grounds" trend, which started off awesome but quickly got on peoples' nerves. I still love it, though.

"Pass-My-Flash" was another fresh collab by Luis, who just keeps finding ways to make NG feel more hip than it really is. KEEP AT IT THOUGH LUIS.

"It's a Halo Thing" was one of the biggest spoof movies of the year. And the timing was perfect because of Halo 2, of course.

"OOO A TANKIE!" wasn't popular at all, but it's noteable because I had just announced the tank trophies.

Two of the best games of the year were introduced side by side: "Paladin" and "Sonny!" Go play them and decide which is your favorite.

We of course had hundreds of Christmas movies this year, but not quite as many as the year before. Or at least, I didn't include as many in the collection. I think it's because I cancelled the Christmas contest in response everyone bickering over who deserves prize money. JUST ENJOY YOURSELVES.

Finally, we had a bunch of retrospective Flash, so I dumped some at the end. Watching will increase your civic pride.

We also gave out a bunch of Wacom tablets and bought a laptop for kids in some school in Africa. BECAUSE NEWGROUNDS IS THE BEST!

Special thanks to ChuckDaKnife for putting together an initial list on the forums and to squeakytoad for additional suggestions.

Onward to 2008!