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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2013

January - Winners

This year started with the official release of Swivel, which had been in beta through most of 2012. Swivel offered best-ever SWF to video conversion.

We also launched The Collabinator, a match-making service for talent! Programmer seeking artist? Artist seeking musician? Give it a whirl!

February - Winners

We expanded our feed system this month, for better artist feeds as well as forum and blog reply feeds.

I also flew out to California to begin the long road to having better video ads on NG.

March - Winners

ForNoReason hosted an NG commercial contest, check out the entries! They span March-April.

spacefader showed up with Gamer - Shaping Staff and would soon become one of my favorite artists on NG.

April - Winners

The Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation kicked off, with the Open Round tracking over 31 entries!

We once again celebrated Pico Day, again with a party at the office!

May - Winners

We launched the NG Tumblr and announced the winners of the Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam.

It was also becoming obvious that Verizon was throttling our bandwidth provider, who also happened to provide bandwidth for Netflix, a competitor with Verizon for video on demand. We ultimately mitigated this by utilizing a content distribution network.

June - Winners


We celebrated our fourth Robot Day!

PsychoGoldfish also rolled out a big publishing system update, addressing a lot of quirks and bugs. It's not always glamorous.

Game Jam 9 had teams developing games based on fake game screenshots in the Art Portal.

August - Winners

This month the database was converted to UTF-8, solving lots of issues with special / foreign characters that plagued NG. This is one of those massive undertakings that happens when you're dealing with a system built in the 90s. New websites get to just ignore these sort of projects.

We also tweaked the judgment process to move games and movies through judgment faster.

The Newgrounds Annual Tournament came to a close, with Pahgawk going head to head with Hikarian. The winner was Hikarian, with Little Merry Ego!

Also it wouldn't be August without Clock Day.

September - Winners

This month I posted a status detailing some of the major infrastructure projects and cost-cutting measures we were undertaking this year.

We celebrated Madness Day!

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/625548October - Winners

We celebrated Halloween!

November - Winners

Pause Ahead should have ranked higher this month but there was some serious competition.

December - Winners

I made a post with highlights of what we accomplished this year as well as some of the hurdles. Did you know we were audited? Read all about it!

The big gift to wrap up the year: New blog system with rich text editing and multi-image uploading! Now if only more people would devblog like I've always hoped.

There was of course Christmas.

I knew well in advance that 2013 would be our most difficult year as a business. In addition to replacing some of our most expensive hardware, we had more staff than we could afford. The only positive is that NG has continued to survive.