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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2006


The year started off with seventh episodes of several long-standing series, such as Xombie (removed after a movie deal), Salad Fingers 7 and Another Day 7!

A lot of the rising talent this month were up and coming game developers. NG regulars Kenney and jmtb02 pleased players with "Jack Russell" and "Ball Revamped 4", respectively. We were also introduced to "gogo Happy & Smile" (inspired by Alien Hominid and Metal Slug) and "Ninjaman!", a fun hack and slash platformer.


Egoraptor blew up the spot with the hilarious "Metal Gear Awesome." I showcased MGA in an appearance on G4's Attack of the Show and the cartoon ultimately landed Egoraptor a job with MTV!

Lemon Demon Music continued to reign with "Geek's in Love", just in time for Valentine's Day!

"Sonic Breaks His Neck" is one of my favorite movies on NG, it's another one of those movies that just captures what NG has always been about.

Weasel released the first "Thing Thing Arena", which was sort of a mix between Gel's Wink character and Madness Interactive. The series really came into its own and has become a classic in its own right!

"Warbears" showed the potential for some seriously quality Flash puzzling, while the "McDonald's Videogame" proved that games with serious social undertones can be both fun and informative, while making an impact in the real world.


John Su, previously known for the hit "Final Fantasy A+", continued to hone his skills with the animation spectacle, "Shoo Fly."

"Red Riding Hood" was a dark re-telling of the classic tale and "Say Something!" was rtil's response to annoying banner ads. Rtil's work was starting to shed some positive light on the Star Syndicate, which was largely associated with crappy submissions.

"Fancy Pants Adventure" was a big day for Flash gaming, in my opinion, having introduced a fresh, original platformer with tons of quality and charm. I showcased it in an appearnce on G4's Attack of the Show, the same as I had with "Metal Gear Awesome."

Murloc RPG was another big game this month, winning the hearts of World of Warcraft fans the world over. Blizzard even featured it on the official WoW site! Afro-Ninja's "Territory WAR" rounded out the great games for this month, bringing hot Worms-style gameplay to the web.

The site caught Snakes on a Plane fever this month and a collection page was born as a result.


Just when I thought there was no room left for more Mario movies, "The People's Mario" came along and proved to be one of the best Mario movies ever.

"Four Second Fury" brought the Warioware craze to NG, with rapid-fire mini game action.

The big moment this month was the first ever Pico Day! People sometimes ask "What do you get for the guy who has it all?" For me, Pico Day is the answer. I felt like a kid at Christmas, unwrapping presents all day. I also gushed on the forums.


The May issue of Wired finally gave Newgrounds some props, stating, "The largest collection of Flash animation on the Net, Newgrounds hosts nearly 80 animated serials, hundreds of cartoons and dozens of themed collections."

The reality was that we host thousands of cartoons and hundreds of themed collections, but it was nice to finally get some acknowledgement. I was tired of seeing YouTube and Myspace get their asses licked.

Adam Phillips continued to reign supreme with his submission of "The YuYu."

Bug proved there was still room for MORE Mario movies after "The People's Mario", and gave another boost of legitimacy to the Star Syndicate.

The long-awaited sequel to Johnny Rocketfingers was submitted this month and was a HUGE hit, as well as a huge controversy. There was protest that the programmer, NegativeOne, was not given co-author credit. The reason was that Ryan was the creator, writer and artist behind the series, and didn't view NegativeOne as being an "Author" of the game. It was unfortunate, because people work their butts off to get that co-author plug on NG. This is a flaw with the credits system that we will address. JR2 is still an amazing game that everyone should play.

The Lock Legion showed power in numbers, with their annual Lock Day celebration!


Noogai brought every Flash author's worst nightmare to life with "Animator vs. Animation", which went on to be a massive hit.

Logo had some decent success with the first episode of his "TooF" series.

Pixeljam made their debut with the amazingly awesome "Gamma Bros", which remains one of my favorite games on NG. Gamme Bros went on to be a finalist in the 2007 Independent Games Festival, so I got to meet Miles and Rich.

June was a big month for NG, with the premier of "TANKMEN" by our own Jeff Bandelin. Jeff had won our Opie and Anthony contest in 2004 and joined the staff in October of 2005.

Jeff also made the art for "K-Fed: Dancing with Fire", where I did the programming and Stamper made the music and other bells and whistles. It was one of our proudest achievements thus far; a really polished game where you knock off K-Fed's head and piss on it.


Our pride continued to swell when Luis posted the results of his "NG Sketchbook Tour", where artists from the site were sent thick pieces of paper and asked to contribute a page. The end result was presented to me at Comic-Con and now resides in the NG office. Everyone else can view the on-line version!

"Bozophilia" won Benjamin Wigmore some awards here on NG but also landed him as a finalist in the 2006 Bitfilm Festival in Germany!

I front paged "Truth About Masterbation" because I thought it was funny. A lot of people complained, but I like to remind everyone that NG is still all about fun.

If you want to see something hip and cool, check out "A Simple Line 8", one of the hippest and coolest collabs yet.


Rob DenBleyker made his triumphant return with episode six of his "Joe Zombie" series, a full three years after episode five.

"Throwback the Duck" proved to be one of the most ambitious series launches to date, with a pilot episode that serves as a prequel to the series to follow.

With "The Ultimate Showdown" being the biggest release of 2005, it was only a matter of time before someone made a really amazing spoof... "The Ultimate Orgy" managed to be that, and then some.

We had a lot of great games this month. "Super Smash Flash" was a favorite among Smash Bros. fans, while EON's "Chaos Faction" managed to take some similar themes and do it up with new style. "wpnFire" was just pure run and gun bliss!

The fifth annual Clock Day was on August 15th and was the largest Clock Day yet, with around 300 worthwhile submissions on record for that day.


Steve Irwin, the infamous Crocodile Hunter, died this month. We received a variety of submissions, ranging from tributes to parodies. In remembrance, I'll stick with one of the most positive submissions, "Croc Heaven."

PsychoGoldfish started showing off his new engine for on-line multiplayer games, with the release of "Mini-Putt Online!" It was since removed when that server went down.

We also celebrated Halloween.


Following the success of Rubber Ninja's "There's Something About Halo" in 2004, the Super Flash Bros organized the "TSAH2" collab! Halo fans eat it up.

November was another shining month for games. MindChamber and FrostedMuffins released "Red Baron", one of the hottest brawlers ever made in Flash.

Edmund McMillen teamed up with Florian Himsl to bring us "Tri-achnid", an inventive game where you must manuever a spider-like creature through a vast, lonely world. The physics involved are totally nuts.

We were also graced this month with a new video by Kol-Belov, creator of classics such as PUSTOTA. This time around, the video is "Russian Mafia on Mars", by the band The Produkt$.


Celarent, creator of "The People's Mario" returned to give us a spell-binding glimpse of the "Future."

I-Mockery, poxpower and BoMToons joined forces to make a game about a certain Russian Boxer who can no longer be named.

Original sprite art and classic movie themes were big this month, also seeing the release of "Matrix Rampage", which maintained strong popularity for a good while on the front page!

We finished the year with another record-breaking holiday collection, this time tracking close to 250 submissions with Christmas and general seasonal themes.

Hey if you think this is fun, check out 2007!