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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2005

We started the year with a front page tune-up, shaving 100k off the size and introducing the Front Page Archive. We also introduced new visualizations for P-Bot and A-Bot, featuring art by MindChamber!


"Merry Meloney" piqued my interest and has left me still waiting for more, while Bunnykill delivered with several episodes of Madness-inspired excitement. I was especially pleased to see McFretN return with the first Combat Instinct submission since 2002.


This is the first month where we started offering cash awards for the top Flash submissions!

"Interactive Buddy" was one of the first winners, having brought the joy of physics to the world. David Firth also began his streak of winning endless monthly awards, with his dark and twisted "Valentine's Day Special."

Dustball's experimental piece, "-PLAY-", proved to be one of the more memorable and unique submissions in a while, further solidifying Dustball's status as an artist to watch.

The "X-Men: Death Becomes Them" launched a series of great comicbook parodies by Matt Gardner. This particular episode was mentioned in Wizard magazine!

"Predator in 10 Seconds" might have just been a movie spoof, but I showed it around to enough friends that I decided it deserves a spot here.

Finally, Skye-McCloud interviewed LegendaryFrog for NGMag, which doesn't exist anymore.


Most likely inspired by a Japanese Flash game called "Nanaka Crash", "Kitten Cannon" started the Western craze of games that involved tossing things into the air and seeing how far they can bounce.

"A New Bunny" completely tore apart the new "extreme" Looney Toons characters that were in development. I swear, this cartoon could very well be the reason the new characters got canned. Either that, or the fact that everyone hated them.


"A Men's Room Monologue" was by far the funniest submission this month.

XGen Studios submitted a full version of StickRPG, rendering the 2003 version obselete.

Sexual-Lobster introduced us to Fernando while "Barbarian Bob" showed that Skribble-Style and THEBBQ make a killer team, although THEBBQ seems to kick butt with everyone he collabs with.


Afro-Ninja made my heart swell with his expansive Newgrounds simulator. I love him for it.

"MGS 3: Crab Battle" might have been just another Metal Gear spoof, but it managed to snag some press and that "viral buzz" everyone is always looking for.

"Dynasty Street" proved to be a solid brawler, while "Valhalla Knights" was quite a movie. "The Maxwell Edison Story" is another fan favorite, while I personall LOOOOVE "Ducktalez 3."

Sometimes it's hard to say what submissions are "historic" and which ones were just popular; I hopefully didn't go too overboard with these.


"Lilium" was crowned queen of all Goth movies, "RaidenX" was crowned king of all shooters, and "Robo3000" was crowned my favorite robot movie on the site.

"Where do clams come from" is just one of those beautiful movies that everyone should watch, to be reminded of why Flash is so great.


Dan Paladin and I released "Dad 'n Me", our first post-Alien Hominid collaboration. "Dad 'n Me" went on to win the Best Web Game award at the 2006 IGF!


Clock Day (August 15th) got the most recognition ever this month, with a ton of quality submissions such Lord of the Clocks. This was the first time I had made an official collection page for a Clock Day celebration.

The Glock Group won their first award this month (Underdog of the Week), having officially formed in July.

It's not safe for the kids, but "Little Red Riding Ho" made people lol.

If you ever wanted to learn the piano, "Virtual Keyboard" is the perfect tool.


We were introduced to some great new artists and series this month! Chris Nosal became a quick Portal favorite with the introduction of his Bad Guys series, while The Swain got lots of laughs with his first episode of Blockhead. Bringing up the bottom, Jerry Jackson made his firth... I mean first Flash.

One of our more helpful forum regulars was celebrated on Inglor Day!

It was also a good month for artist / programmer collaborations. MindChamber teamed up with RiftMaster to prove he still makes the best Robocop stuff. Meanwhile, LilG and Phantasmagor teamed up with make "Griswold the Goblin", an amazing adventure game!


The Star Syndicate celebrated their second annual Daily Day on October 7th. It was the first time they ever had a collection page made for their work.

Monkokio and Evil-Toilet-Roll teamed up to make one of my favorite games on the site, Marvin Spectrum.

ArcadeTown submitted their Black Knight game, which had to be one of the more popular web games of the year because I saw it everywhere!

We dealth with both recreational and pharmaceutical drugs this month, as Orlando smoked his first joint and Slowloft attacked the subversive marketing campaigns of our mega-drug companies.

Halloween was HUGE this year, resulting in a massive Halloween collection.


Have you noticed that just about every Adam Phillips submission is a moment in NG history? That's because he raises the bar, every time. "Littlefoot" is no exception!

I felt mean putting "Ebaums World Dot Com" on the front page, but users were demanding it. This crushing video tore into the controversial site, and re-introduced us to Neil Cicierega, of Animutation and Potter Puppet Pals fame. Neil would now become known for his Lemon Demon music, and "Ebaums" co-author altffour would collaborate with him on a lot of his videos.

"Charlie the Unicorn" was a bit hit on NG and later became quite the YouTube sensation as well.

Glaiel-Gamer never expected "Krazy Kar" to be much of a hit, but it pretty much took the Portal by storm, with it's crappy graphics and fun gameplay.


Remember how Neil Cicierega and altffour teamed up a month earlier to rag on Ebaums? They teamed up this month, with even more explosive results. "The Ultimate Showdown" was the most popular movie of the year.

One of our top mods was celebrated on Denvish Day!

Dan Paladin teamed up with Glaiel-Gamer, so Glaiel's fun gameplay remained, but with Dan's graphics making it that much better.

We ended the year with our biggest Christmas ever.

Continue to find what joys 2006 would bring...