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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2014

January - Winners

We started the year with the introduction of a new storage system. Not very glamorous on your end, but it was a big deal for us; Brendon built it from scratch and saved us tens of thousands of dollars, as well as long-term support costs.

We also integrated with CloudFlare, a content delivery network that caches a lot of our files and helps serve them to visitors. This got around a lot of the problems caused by Verizon throttling Cogent, our bandwidth provider.

February - Winners

After a false start in 2013, we finally got video pre-roll ads running, with 80% of the revenue paying out to the content creators here on NG.

We also kicked off Stencyl Jam 2014!

March - Winners

April - Winners

We celebrated Pico Day!

May - Winners

The Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation kicked off this month with the Open Round!

We also launched the Construct 2 2030 Jam!

June - Winners

The Nitrome Jam took place this month.

July - Winners

This month marked our fifth annual Robot Day!

We also had NG Game Jam 10: The Unknown.

August - Winners

We celebrated Clock Day!

NG also hosted a weekend Death Jam.

September - Winners

We finally introduced full Unity support, so devs could directly upload their Unity file rather than pop it in a ZIP with an index.html using the HTML5 upload system. The irony is that six months later, Unity introduced their WebGL export and most their web games will likely end up being HTML5 anyway.

We also introduced our Steam curator game so we can support devs even when they're not on NG.

Also, Madness Day!

October - Winners

Halloween is a big annual tradition on NG.

November - Winners

This month I (TomFulp) went to LA for a Newgrounds animation screening, something we haven't really done in the past but must now do more of in the future!

December - Winners

We ended the year with our Winterfest!