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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Newgrounds Wiki: Flash Portal History 2010


Felix Colgrave, known simply as MasterAardvark at the time, made his presence known with the amazing The Pigpen.

Evil-Dog put our sharing API to great use with a new Punk-O-Matic, allowing users to create all sorts of amazing punk rock.


The Season of Cyanide and Happiness continues with The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere, pleasing C&H fans and raising unrest among the rest.



With less than 48 hours left before April 1st, we came up with a last-minute idea to have "Kevin Bacon Day" on NG, resulting in an impromptu game jam where JohnnyUtah and I popped out Tremerz.

We finished off the month with another Pico Day celebration, this time at the office! I had set the goal in 2009 and we were making progress by the end of the year. Things continued to evolve in February and were almost ready by late March.

The space was finished in time for Pico Day at the end of April and Luis even had a Pico cake made as a surprise. My life was pretty much all downhill after this.




We had our first official NG Game Jam!

We also introduced Robot Day!


It wouldn't be August without Clock Day!


We celebrated our fourth Madness Day.


We always have a fun time when Halloween is involved.



We wrapped the year with Christmas and our second Game Jam, to give everyone some last minute gifts.

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