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Symphonic Tower Defense

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3) Try again and PM me if you hit a snag!
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You are the Conductor of an Electronic Symphony. Build defensive towers to keep the music from getting out of control. Each tower responds to a particular piece of the song, and the enemies spawn to the beat! You better think quick - this is a very fast-paced Tower Defense game!

Yellow goes with the Melody
Green kicks with the Bass
Red zaps along with Strings and Synth
Pink likes Claps and Snares
Blue plays a shocking Piano/Chime/etc

Also don't forget about the music attacks! Fermata, Szforzando Bomb, Decrescendo, and more!

There are additional contests and prizes planned for this game so become a fan of us on facebook to stay in the loop! ( http://on.fb.me/ncXEw9 )

Big thanks to all the musicians involved. I want this game to be big so they can get their names out there as well!

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This game is awesome! Very creative type of tower defense. However, there are some flaws. Since the enemies doesn't have strengths, you can easily win the game with one tower type.

I thought I've lost this game for good, but no, it's still here.

I'm so happy I'm able to play it again, I've even tried to contact the creator to warn him about the issue I was having (maybe the game was off for everyone, who knows?).

I'm glad to see this game again and I wish I could download it so it would never be lost, but I'll keep it saved in my heart. Deep emotions related to nostalgia with this game, my first time playing this game was in 2011 with my old HP computer and I've even downloaded the songs as they were catchy back then. Now it's 2020 and I'm able once again to play this masterpiece.

I remember when this first came out including the Halloween Special then all of sudden a few years latter they are gone. Glad it back now.

FrozenFire responds:

Most flash games will be gone again come 2020. Flash is getting dropped by the collective internet.

Great concept and execution! I was worried with the description at first because it sounded like it was going to be REALLY overcomplicated. It seems pretty straightforward though and the tracks are great! Great game!

I'l give it a half for now, but if I DO get to play the full game without any probs then that would be great. This game was one of "those" games that got me into music and all the things involved with it, I'd love to have this game back up and running...

FrozenFire responds:

Try it again - Should be fixed.