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Awesome Noire

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Hey ya'll here's a new toon for ya, this time it's from the REVOLUTIONARY AMAZING LA NOIRE that I really don't enjoy playing! Have a good one!

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Remember watching this masterpiece back in 2011. Too bad Egoraptor fell off really bad. :(

Only thing I don't get is the butt joke at the end.

I love how Cole Phelps has more personality in this animation than how he had in the entire game (yeah, I love LA Noire, but I think the plot of the game is not perfect and it had potential to be much better than it really is).

BTW, good animation, bro :D

"God, this FUCKING LIP--"

I really don't know what it was about 2011, but this really seemed like the year where you kind of dialed in your cartoons.

I mean, points for humor and relatability (can't even begin to count how many times I've been approached by someone who asked me to draw them because they heard I was an artist) but animation is incredibly limited, and in general this has very little to nothing to do at all about the source material it's parodying aside from the snippet of Cole interrogating someone in the beginning. And yes, I get the reference to the fact that Cole sketches the faces of everyone he interrogates, but even that wasn't fleshed out very well as a main focus to a joke as much as a silly observation you probably made while playing the game, evident by how short and minimum effort this cartoon was as well as the fact that there are really only two jokes in the entire thing.

I said this about Awesome Reach as well, but why even make an LA Noire parody at that point? At least with Awesome Reach it was obvious what it wanted to make fun of and what it did make fun of actually had more of a connection to the game it was parodying, not to mention the effort both in comedy *and* animation clearly shows. I get that you didn't enjoy playing the game, but it honestly seems like this was forced out with not a lot of planning done ahead of time.


Basically La Noire

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4.64 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
6:14 PM EDT