Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


ok first the name... zelda rage trailor? ummm you didn't once show zelda in that animation, incase you didn't know that dude in green... his name is LINK. And i think he should be walking instead of just bouncin up and down like hes phucking some toad.

Wow way to suck!

I can see that you put alot of time into this flash. The backround randomly changed for no reason.... Hey just like in real life!

Waaa Shiza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SolidSacketh responds:

Okay, cock-feind, what do you call that shit you made? I saw 2 sprites trying to stare each other down, it wouldnt even load and I have a high speed connection, and you criticize my work!? Haha, well if it makes the fact that you suck easier on you, go on ahead.



BTW... why was Link slowly moving up and down while the scenery changed every 5 seconds?


What the hell is this crap? The music loop sounds like crap. The animation is very poor, and the way he "walks" through the forests and mountains looks like he's riding a pogo-stick. this could use some work..

Music splicing was horrible.

Try using crossfading.