Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

Nice work.

Seems to be interesting... can't wait to see what this molds into...

The graphics used were pretty good-
Though that sounds annoyed me a bit, that would have to be the only thing I didn't like.

SolidSacketh responds:

Again, yeah, the sounds will be dramitically different. I had to rush to find some dramatic stuff of the web before I had to leave for work today.

That's the spirit!

All Zelda fans should watch this! They all know Ganon and Link, and it's true, Link isn't a liitle child anymore!

I understand your view, but....

While your flash movie had a fresh approach to the way Link should be portrayed, it lacked in animation and, basically, it was lackluster.
I agree with you that Link should be made more "bad-ass", but unfortunately that's not up to the public to decide.
Keep improving on your skills at Flash!

SolidSacketh responds:

Why can't the public decide?! Anything is possible in Flash, and I'm gonna do what I feel is tight. I've already made bad-ass comics of Link, this is just making a film about him. Don't watch it if you are all against my work.

good trailer

Looks pretty kickass! Just on the full movie, can I suggest you make the backgrounds slide one way as link moves the other way, and maybe make his arms or hat move, so it feels like he's moving and not just the backgrounds changing? All you have to do is make a movie clip of him walking from different angles and re-use it throughout the movie. Your idea is good, but if you are making it seem mature and "badass" you should use more shadows and interesting lighting. Just my thoughts, good luck on the full movie!



It's... meh. Could be much better. I think it's mostly just that the music is bizarrely awkward. There's this darker loop which cuts off, then dramatic music, then abruptly it stops, then the first loop which is seemingly placed at random. With solid music all the way through, I probably wouldn't have been so distracted from the actual reason I started watching it... the trailer.

I've seen you use music clips well. So what happened here?