Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

Work on your art

No offense or anything, Its a good idea but you had better spend a lot of time on it, the animation needs to be a lot better so take your sweet time. I would like to see a decent remake for once.


Cant wait for the movie.
But why dont you call it Adventure of Link??
Its about Link, aint it?

SolidSacketh responds:

The trailer for the movie didn't really do shit I guess for the plot. I will add in Zelda, and beasts for our warrior hero to slay.


Your drawing is a little too crude for my tastes. And you do not animate very well either. Cartoons move, they don't bobble.

I aint a Zelda fan

But i aint gonna down it, lookking forward. That music got annoying

Not very good.

Not a very good trailer, but I just watched the others, and I must say how I impressed I am on how far your skills in Flash have come!