Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


How dare you disgrace my precious precious Zelda, the greatest serious of games ever made. Shame on you for gross misuse of pourly edited tracks from the precious, and mediocre, poorly animated drawings of the master. I hate you.


SolidSacketh responds:

It's a half assed preview with zero combat in it, sure. But, it's gonna be cool. If you don't like it, go get spoon-fed your dosage of baby link in the next game from the company who turned their back on the warrior kids who grew up with Zelda games and want adult Link to kick ass.

Why make a trailor?

I have said this, as I have said on other trailors. Why make a trailor, just make the fucking movie and skip this bullshit. Stop wasting time and make the movie. I cannot say this about your preview, however, because it seems you have pu any effort into this. Hell, you didn't even make the sound roll through. It just stops for a second, then starts over again. Atleast fix that damn second of silentness...

This has no creativity, i'm sure we've all wondered what would happen if LINK went psycho. yes, its Link, Zelda is the chick... Before you make something, wether it be good, or bad, bad in your case, study up on it so you don't get bad reviews.

Please don't EVER make another flash movie.


SolidSacketh responds:

Well, what do you know...Another bitch ass fool who hasn't submitted any flash, yet is Yoda about the program. Easy on the cocaine, and if it sucks so bad, make a better movie yourself. And I will keep making Flash, just to piss you off, mother f-er.

Spell better

and make the audio loop better when Link is in front of that castle with the red sunset.

SolidSacketh responds:

This is just a half assed demo of what it will really be. But you are sure as hell right.

what !

not to much effort

not good...

I like Zelda flash movies, however, this needed a lot more work on it. The animation and scene changes were not well executed at all, it looks like well over 90% of the effort was put into the drawing. The looping music was annoying and the 'movie' did lack alot of drama, and (even for a trailer) not much happens in it!