Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


I think it looks pretty bad-ass, well, except for the horrible music. I really didn't like the music and how it would go. It would cut off, and then start over. I'm thinking you could make this sort of long by chronicaling his quests through each area? I wouldn't want it to just end at Gannon's Castle! Good Luck to ya, I'll be looking for it.

SolidSacketh responds:

Yeah, i think I'm gonna do that chronicle of areas, maybe like, making a trilogy of Link movies to get to the end. It's hard to find good wavs out there, give me a damn break!


This looks like it is going to be cool. I agree there needs to be a Zelda game where Link is an adult throughout.

May I make a suggestion? You could use remixes of music from Zelda in the final movie. A couple of other NG flash artists have been able to get permission from sequencers to use their music. You've seen the FF Tribute right?

SolidSacketh responds:

I don't know if I saw that movie. I'm not sure how to get someone's music/permission. i try to get by with wav files I download from pages I find from like Yahoo.com. The music will improve, times 1,000.


Makes me want to see more. Was waiting for something to happened, but I know, it's just a trailer. Good drawings btw.

its nice but its also not..

i liked the drawings.. im a big zelda fan always have been.. the only thing i disliked in this movie was that stupid dance music.. it really doesnt go along with zelda.. but yea its nice

im n00b at flash so i prolly appreciate stuff which is easy to do and i'd just like to say.. that part where the castle zoomed otuwards n all.. i thought that part looked fuckin sick..

:D nice work

good idea

i got really pissed off as well when nintendo made the new game of zelda on gamecube and link was this little pissy kid they should make a game with link as a great adult warrior not some 8 year old kid that should just stay at home that cant fight for shit