Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


that was fucking sweet with the sword and the logo. the drawings were good, and the sound needs a little work.

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks man, the final version should kick some mad ass.

Good trailor

this was good. it's Link that dosent look gay. when you make the moive keep the earings off of him he looks better that way! Good job

Good work, just hope you finish it.

Hey man Link is the shit. Not too bad of a job with the drawing. Looks promising. Just don't get discouraged if it gets a low rating because you know how often people are stupid and want to blam trailers. Finish this thing up and lets see it.

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I publish my work for a very select, elite few who can appreciate it.

bad ass trailor

this is the legend of zelda that we want. if only it was done anime style.. oh well. it's bitchin anyway


I agree wiyh you in this case. Nintendo shulde have made a more serius game of it, but i also think that they meant it to look funny. And so make a new kind of game. They dind t want to repete themselfs.