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Reviews for "Firestarter"

A pretty cool depiction of the game from the anime. I almost got up to 20,000 points, but the perspective finally got me in the game. I couldn't tell what buildings were connected and which ones weren't, so what I thought was a chain of buildings was only a couple of buildings dotted about.
It would be nice if there were keyboard controls to move the character and to set fire to a building, rather than clicking.
It took me a couple of tries to realize that the map was endless, so I lost my first game thinking I was okay, before seeing the icon in the top left letting me know the status of the city.
I think the cops should spawn a little more frequently as well, since it seemed I was able to go a few minutes at a time before seeing a cop.
Also, I am curious. Does something happen if you do get a score of 30,000, or is that a reference to a line in the anime?
Either way, good job with this game! I honestly feel like it should have been here on Newgrounds a long time ago.
Good job developers!

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks for playing! The map is finite but it loops around when you hit the edges. We might want to make some kind of an arrow for center of mass of the city or some kind of indicator saying how big a chunk is. Another idea is to make it so that burns have a maximum size.

The cops have a 1 in 40 chance of spawning for each burn but that might be tweakable.

If you gt 30,000 there is a little easter egg and a medal.

I gotta say... I always end up causing there to be no where to live even when the screen says I have some % left... what's up with that? also I don't get what I need to do to get cantine's blessing... how do I know what are the high scores?

SilverwareGames responds:

We are working on the game over screen, sometimes things can be burning off screen leading to a bit of confusion. Cantido's blessing is for a very high score only, its a secret to everybody!

(Hopefully we can make a badge for getting the blessing on the Newgrounds system.)

Very fun and satisfying game, a good and quick timewaster. The green and black graphics give off a gameboy-ish vibe (Which I'm sure the dev was going for). It's super satisfying to get in the middle of a large cluster of buildings and watch them just disappear. But the gameplay is lacking. Click in the right spots, but don't click around too much or too little to maintain a good balance in the cities size and avoid the police. Very simple, very fun.

SilverwareGames responds:

sayomgwtf did a great job with the art and I actually did a few pixels myself to get it to look this way. We had great reference material from the anime to help define the direction so I got to slack off a bit as a creative lead and just point everyone on the team to the show :)

I want to make a version with high res graphics and more goals and objectives to make it into a bigger deal but we are pressed for time to make all that. Thanks for playing!

The presentation is nice, It feels polished and finished.
I mean by that, that I can play and finish the game without thinking about any issue :)
the style is cool, music is non invasive and also the gameplay mechanic is simple.
But it is maybe too simple...in its own complexity.

Keeping the balance between 0% and not letting the city prosper is just a simple gymnastic, but it gets very frustrating when you can lose at any moment because you didn't properly pay too much attention to your percentage.
My points and my life did not get any of my attention as I was focused to start burning down building when I reach 30%.
That being said I enjoyed the game and it is different of what you did bring up previously.
I wish there was a deeper goal in all that except that I used to love FLCL.

SilverwareGames responds:

This feedback helps a lot. When we've been playtesting a lot of people needed to focus on the percentage and I know it might be nice to just burn without the constraints. This gives me the idea that down the line we might make "Free Burn" mode where you just rack up points as fast as possible.

Great artwork, nice music, not my kinda game. I grew tired of it quick and wish i could of used my directional pad instead of my mouse.

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks for playing. We would love to make a little plastic handheld with a diagonal D-PAD to move around, but I know nothing about how to make hardware!