Reviews for "Firestarter"

interesting design, but nonsensical ludo-narrative combination. 0% can be caught when there are still buildings on screen. I see this is "by design" in a response to another comment, but it makes NO SENSE. the statement even says, "no where left to live" so what are those buildings? useless blocks of concrete that are unsuitable for living? why were they built?

and if 100% were when the city is too big to be destroyed, then why is it i can burn whole sections down with one click? wouldn't it really mean the city is too interconnected and will burn completely down with one fire? then you only have to have one lose condition, the city burning all the way down, leading to the, "why burn a building?" question, which could easily be answered by changing it to a turn based game, can move so far, having to jump to another building to keep your flame alive, but you don't want all your buildings to burn down at once, because that would be game over; of course keeping the burn adjacent buildings code. then just put a signal to show where buildings will be placed in the next turn. instantly 100x better.

Don't use your story as a blanket to cover poor game design implementation.

SilverwareGames responds:

"I see this is "by design" in a response to another comment"

That's correct. It is clear that I didn't explain myself as well as I should have, which I will take the opportunity now to do so.

"The statement even says, "no where left to live" so what are those buildings?"

Thinking a city has a capacity of 100 units, then one house can be representative of a 1%. However, based on the idea a city is larger than a town, it would be safe to round up to 5000 in capacity, this means if there are 3 or 5 areas visible seen on the screen it would not represent 1% of a whole. Also understanding a city by definition has means of transportation, education, entertainment and more - does not translate every building you see is meant for housing.

"Don't use your story as a blanket to cover poor game design implementation."

We are not, we do listen to user feedback. We realize these things might not be as explicitly clear as they should be, reason why we are revisiting the build and make these more obvious: once you reach 0% screen will be empty, and once you reach 100% the screen will be entirely occupied - regardless of any mathematical accuracy.

"Changing it to a turn based game"

We intended to keep it as faithful as we could to the anime because this game was intended as a homage to show - this is exactly how it plays on FLCL.

Either way, thank you for taking the time to play the game and give us your feedback to push us to do better.

Needs better instructions. I get game over when 1) There are tons of buildings left and 2) My percentage is above 1%.

SilverwareGames responds:

At some point in the next few days we will update the build to include everything burning or the screen filling up at the end of the game that makes things clearer as to why you got a game over. Thanks for the feedback!

Extremely basic and repetitive mechanics.
No real objective in this game.
Not fun.

SilverwareGames responds:

This was meant as a FLCL homage so we focused on the source material and tried to create a game like tetris that was addictive and about getting a high score. We understand it's not for everyone. Thanks for playing.