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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

The grind on this is fucking insane. If it were a bit more linear and progressive I would've easily five-starred and favorited for the sweet 90's graphics and metal tunes. But, as is, I'm going to have to give it a nearly average rating for being so damned frustrating to fully complete.

this is a amazing addicting fun game! please make more like it and medals were fun to get too i died with high score on endless 18k and thats with beating all 5 bosses lol I am not sure i can get medal for 25k on endless
unless i fully upgrade

This. Is. Awesome.
I find myself coming back for more each time,
and this is probably the best game I've played on Newgrounds so far.

absolutely addicting

Nice but hardcore mode should be more rewarding.I don't even notice a better gems reward or something.