Reviews for "Save To Kill"

This is the coolest and hardest game ever!!=D

Wonderful vertical shooter game. The graphics are superb and so is the background music. Really keeps you on your toes

What software did you used?

Btw great game

The main mechanics and the game itself were fun. I liked the special attacks, and thought they were cool. The history was good enough for such a short game and enough to give it context.

However the game has some serious flaws. First of all, the enemies were uninteresting and repetitive, as well as the bosses. Most of the enemies were the same throughout the game with just a different color palette and a different attack pattern. The bosses just had two attack patterns so they were easy to memorize and their fights became boring.

The main problem I had was the lag. It became very annoying since the fourth stage, and in the fifth one the game became unplayable. It happened when a lot of things were on screen. I found it very unfair to die must of the time just because of that.

decafpanda responds:

Game runs butter smooth for me. Firefox seems to be the best browser for this game but it runs well on chrome and edge as well for me. I would never release a game that lagged while i tested it.

Also thoroughly tested on my fairly old laptop. Still ran smooth. Had around 4 other people test as well for me with all smooth results. Sorry but I just can't test more than that! lol

Sorry your rig had some trouble!! Thanks for the play :)

cool game but i hated how the final boss was so minor, like the 4th both was way better then the final, and there was nothing special to end the game off. but still nice game, wish it was a little longer though