Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Where can I buy this soundtrack? I absolutely LOVE this music.

Overall, really fun, art was excellent, and enjoyed the game play.

But seriously, that soundtrack. Awesome.

yep, exellent game, but too much colour. Sometimes i could not understand where are gems and where are shots. That's why 4.5.

excelente juego hace tiempo que no veia un mata marcianos como este

A great shooter-style game, but not perfect. The ending could use some work, but overall a great homage to old-school arcade games. Keep up the good work!

Amazing game you made here, the combat system is very good the most helpful power up for me was the Sword attack, all of the power ups was very useful in this game, I'm hoping there's gonna be more games like this in the future keep up the fantastic work my dude. :D