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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Fun game.
I didn't find it grindy like some other people; I beat the levels on my 1st or 2nd try and things progressed quite nicely.
Seeing the upgraded weapons was fun, you feel really powerful by the end of the game.

The ridiculous story gave me a laugh too.

this games makes me want to buy ikaruga >-<

this is a pretty awesome game
cool stuff:
everything looks nice
music is cool
abilities are cool (but i didn't use the roll dodge thing much)
it seems some people were complaining about grinding, but i never had to. this might be because i put all my stuff into offensive abilities
story is cool

not as cool stuff:
lag, though it's my fault for playing on chrome instead of firefox

cool bullet hell, not that tough compared to other stuff but very fun and the last 2 bosses can give a challenge

great bullet hell game not gonna lie

All the gems scattering across the screen were really distracting