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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Truly awesome arcade game! Original idea and powerups, very fun to play. Art and music kick ass and game balancing is just right.

This game is sick! The different special attacks are realyl awesome, the design looks very nice as well and I also like the medals and the gameplay. Really great game you got here :)

A very entertaining game.

Making the tutorial smaller is critical to this games survival

Please get rid of the tutorial and just add a help option on startup to read about the mechanics.

Forced tutorials don't make a good game. Infact they can ruin great one's.

Though by the time I finished the tutorial I wasn't irritated about it anymore and enjoyed the game.

Please keep in mind I am real patient. 80% of the people won't go past the tutorial and its a damn shame.

Keep working on games but learn from this experience.

All and all I liked the game but please fix the tutorial section.

-Warmest Reguards