Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Great game and all but it doesn't save my progress

Pro's :
-Good music
-Easy to learn tutorial
-Great use of new abilities in the genre
-Great fast paced gameplay (minor lag when screen is full)
-Boss gimmicks and abilities having knockback on them
-Upgrade for certain abilities.

-Crossbow damage is low
-Upgrading Crossbow and Sword for damage is low (sword's ability makes the low damage understandable)
-Every weapon evolve just becomes aoe (needs single target/bossing evolve)
-becomes highly dependant on abilities in endgame (making special scarce)

Focusing on taking down the green airship at the start of endless mode:
Crossbow lvl 25 long range: 4-5 sec
Crossbow lvl 25 close range: 3-3.5 sec
Sword lvl 20 close range: 4hits in 4sec
Dash lvl 20 long range: 1hit in 3sec

Dash seems to be the best skill thanks to it's absurd damage and aoe killing the toughest and 50% of the top screen in one use, All it needs is good aiming. Spamming Dash i rarely used sword cause everything is already dead and i wouldn't have to use it 4 times or mix some Crossbow with it like Sword, Crossbow would have been better as single target weapon since everything evolves into aoe's and dash being such a hard hitting aoe ability, With Crossbow as single target moving around the map would be more important than just 1 shotting low hp mobs from the sides. Thanks to Crossbow aoe evolve lots of it damage lies in close combat with sword. Neither of which can kill things as fast as Dash. Near endgame, abilities become more spammable and Crossbow completly useless. This also makes special scarce from being used unless your lucky or get Smax.

Keep up the good work tho.

Great work!

Love it, I love a good shooter! Great music too.

Common Bullet hell games:
Dodge the bullet to survive, just don't get hit and keep shooting to kill.

This game:
Slice, roll and ram your enemies till they die. Cant avoid getting hit? Spam your abilities :D

Overall this game is amazing to me.
The I like the unique game-play of this where you have multiple abilities to survive. Unlike most other bullet hell games where your only option of survival is to dodge the bullets.
The music itself is very suiting and nice too. The art itself is also great.

The only downside of this game is the boss-fights mainly.
The bosses' attack are too repetitive, they always do the same pattern over and over again until they reach low health (which is, by the time that happens, you can easily spam a few abilities and the boss dies immediately).
Plus with that repetitiveness, they also have a ton of health, which may make the boss-fight itself boring overall.

Otherwise, this game is extremely awesome.