Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Amazing!! One of my all time favorites!!!

fun and cool story

This game is really addicting. The music and the weapons draw you in. I really love this game. I literally played it for multiple hours without realizing how much time passed. Which is bad for me but great for this game's reputation. LOVE IT!!!

Wow ! a really fun and short game. The stage was decently Challenging. I'm not a hardcore bullet hell so this is perfect for me. I didn't have to grind the stage except the first one when you start the game. But even then I only grinded 2 - 3 times just because I died. Then died a few more times on the later stage, but overall really fun game ! Good Job !

Fun game.
I didn't find it grindy like some other people; I beat the levels on my 1st or 2nd try and things progressed quite nicely.
Seeing the upgraded weapons was fun, you feel really powerful by the end of the game.

The ridiculous story gave me a laugh too.