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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Amazing game you made here, the combat system is very good the most helpful power up for me was the Sword attack, all of the power ups was very useful in this game, I'm hoping there's gonna be more games like this in the future keep up the fantastic work my dude. :D

I like a Bullet Hell game as much as the next guy but this game has a few flaws that just take all the fun out of it.

First: The weird helicopter things that shoot the laser beams across the screen--be it side to side or top to bottom, they are nearly indestructible (gave one them six level 10 sword strikes and it STILL wasn't destroyed) unless you use your special OR have the attack power up, having SIX of them on screen at once--like in Machine City--two on either side and two at the top of the screen while those red and green glowing energy bombs are going off makes it impossible to dodge or even defend yourself with your sword or dash since it drains so fast.

Second: Having your sword and dash drain your special energy bar and you can ONLY refill it by getting the S power ups is bullshit considering how many projectiles can be on the screen at once, epically in the later levels.

Third: Getting hit is a given in a bullet hell game but normally the hit area is very small, giving you a better chance to not take damage and you can dodge, there is always a small "safe spot" or two that you can use but making it so you CAN'T dodge and your entire body is a the hit area...

Like I said, that takes ALL the fun out of game like this.

decafpanda responds:

You know that your sword can destroy bullets, right ? Also saying you can only regain special by collecting power ups is FALSE. there is an entire upgrade for it that you can invest in called "special regain" Guess what it does? :)

The horizontal helicopters make a "ching" sound when you hit them to let you know they are armored and should be dodged instead of being detroyed. The vertical helicopters have high HP but can be destroyed will a little effort and also grant high tier coins

Sorry some of these things did not resonate with you.

Take a look at the youtube link in the author's comments, it will give you an idea of how you can wreck the battlefield if you understand the game mechanics.

Thx for the play!

Very nice.
This game really has that 'arcady' feel to it. Nice graphics, nice music, great gameplay. At first I thought this would become an impossible bullethell since the character moves so fast, but the enemy attacks and the player attacks make it well balanced.
I absolutely loved how the attacks could be used for defense, this makes it unique.
I did notice lag spikes when there are a lot of gems on the screen, it's a bit annoying to get hit because of the lag right after using the special attack. I also wish the game was a bit longer.
Overall great game, I hope to see more games like this.

I thought it was a great game, and I played it through to the end in one sitting. However, it's not perfect. For one. the font could be changed to be a bit more pixelated, the music has an obvious cut off before it loops, the guns he holds could be changed so that what he shoots actually makes some sense, sometimes there's so much shit on the screen that it's almost blinding, and I didn't really like the ending. I thought the end could be a bit more than just "Conglaturations!!!! You have beated a great game!!" and a crappy screen. I just didn't understand it. But overall, it was an enjoyable experience, and the game has plenty of replay value. It just has some things that could be ironed out a bit, that's all. I'd definitely recommend it to fans of arcade style space shooters.

Good bullet heaven