Reviews for "Save To Kill"

Awesome game, beautiful art work and game music. Overall very well done and high quality game

Gameplay -------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2IvFosjRNQ Addictive and challenging! definitely would play more of this game

decafpanda responds:



This game is amazing, i love this type of games since 1942, now that as the shit.

BUT BRO, try beating this game with my eyes, being colorblind as i am. IT WAS FUCKING INSANE, that last stage, that long ass checkpoint, plus the boss throwing red shots in the final, holy motherfucking lord gaben.

Great Job

This game is straight up BADASS! I beat the first boss and I immediately downloaded the mobile version. Do yourself a favor and get it on your phone cause it plays even better with touch screen. It also looks like it has more stuff to do too.

Awesome game!!!